These $8 Insoles Add Arch Support to *Any* Pair of Sandals, and Are So Discreet, You’ll Forget They’re Even There

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Sandal season is upon us and, while there are plenty of comfortable and supportive sandals out there, sometimes our arches *still* need a little TLC. Problem is, it can feel impossible to add support to sandal, slides, flip flops, and other open-air footwear. They're much more exposed than a sneaker or a boot. At the risk of completely derailing your ~lewk~ aside, adding arch support to these types of shoes can be a logistical nightmare—without a physical upper and sides, how is an insole supposed to in place?!

Leave it to Dr. Scholl's to a solve a riddle as befuddling as this. Turns out, the legacy foot-care brand makes a super sneaky, insole you can stick (literally) onto the insole of any sandal, flat, or slide. Dr. Scholl's Discreet Cushioning Insoles for Flats + Sandals ($8) turn even the flattest, most unsupportive shoes into a cushiony, foot-friendly dream.

Dr. Scholl's, Discreet Cushioning Insoles - Flats + Sandals — $8.00

Sizes: Women’s 6-10


  • Super discreet
  • Supportive
  • Cushioning and shock-absorbing
  • Stay in place


  • Designed for one pair of sandals, so you’ll need to purchase multiple if you wish to adjust the support of several sandals

Last summer, I dealt with a lot of foot pain caused by my foot's natural shape combined with unsupportive, unforgiving summer shoes. As someone with high arches, flat sandals and thin flop flops aren’t always my feet’s friends, and I often find that my soles ache and throb by the end of the day, whether or not I've been walking or standing on them.

Out of desperation, I scoured Amazon for a solution (as one does) and came across these Dr. Scholl’s insoles. With their clear gel design and short, slim shape, these sneaky supports are made to be as discreet as possible, since sandals don’t hide much. They feature a sticky bottom that suctions well to virtually any open shoe (think: strappy sandals, minimalist slides, cheap flip flops, mules, and ballet flats) and stay in place after hours of wear, too.

Upon arrival, I was immediately impressed with how slim and discreet they really were. After applying them to a pair of sandals and slipping my foot in place, I was immediately impressed by how well they elevated the cushioning of my insole and cradled my feet from toes to heel. Not only did the Dr. Scholl's insoles provide instant support to my high arches, but they also made my heels and the balls of my feet feel ultra-comfy thanks to the soft gel. That's because of the strategic, ¾ length, which actually distributes pressure off the places that traditionally get tired fast (aka, the balls and heels of feet.) It props the forefoot up in a way that's instantly relaxing, without crowding your shoes or making it look you're wearing insoles in the first place. 

When taking them out for a spin, my feet felt more comfortable and stable, even after walking a lot. I specifically noticed how well the insoles helped with shock absorption, which isn’t very common for flat sandals and likely the cause for my aching soles at the end of a long summer day. (City slickers: if you do a lot of walking, these are a must for pounding the pavement!)

I thought I'd have to drop major money to solve the riddle of the Sphinx: How to make my favorite, open-toed summer shoes more supportive. Turns out, it cost a whopping $8 and free shipping with my Amazon Prime account. Thanks, Dr. Scholl's!

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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