The Dragon Walk Is so Hard You’ll Be Breathing Fire by the Time You’re Done

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It's safe to say any exercise with "dragon" in its name is going to be ridiculously hard. Take the dragon flag, for instance—a Martial arts-inspired move where you literally turn your body into a human flag on a flag pole. And the dragon walk is no exception.

"It's an excellent core exercise, but it incorporates so many muscle groups that it feels like you're working the entire body," says Tee Major, trainer and author of Urban Calisthenics. "I like to start with this exercise because it takes the most energy, by far, than any other exercises you're going to have in your workout."

Once you're done with the dragon walk, you might just be breathing fire.

How to perform the dragon walk

  1. Start in a push-up position. Go down into a push-up, and on your way back up, raise your left arm and right leg into the air, keeping your hips square to the floor.
  2. As you move your left hand forward and position it onto the floor, bring your right leg to your side at a 90-degree angle and complete a staggered push-up.
  3. Push youself back up, this time repeating the process on the opposite side with your right arm and left leg in the air.
  4. After you get used to the movement, speed it up so you're walking forward like a macho, badass dragon.

Next, here's how to do a perfect push-up:

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