The Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of a Dragonfly Landing on You

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I have encountered countless dragonflies throughout my life, simply due to growing up going to the James River every spring and summer. Whether I was swimming, languidly floating downstream in a tube, or jumping into the rapids, dragonflies always flew into view. For me, seeing them wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. After all, dragonflies are known for residing near bodies of water like rivers, ponds, and lakes, particularly during the summer months. Other people, however, haven’t encountered the pretty (and predatory) flying insect and as such, are curious to find out the underlying dragonfly meaning.

Experts In This Article

To help shed a little light on the shimmering insects, we chatted with celebrity psychic and mystical expert, Inbaal Honigman, about dragonfly meaning. Keep reading to uncover what she has to say.

Dragonfly Symbolism

One might think that dragonfly meaning is ominous thanks to the insect’s predatory nature (as adults, they eat other insects and are highly skilled at hunting their meals). According to Honigman, though, dragonflies mark a positive moment of transformation.

“As a very slender creature, with nearly transparent wings, lightness defines the dragonfly,” says Honigman. “There's an otherworldly quality to them, almost illusory—are they really here at all? Blink, and you'll miss them.”

With that in mind, one can surmise that seeing a dragonfly is a reminder to take advantage of opportunities as they arise, as you never know how long they’ll be present as the world (and your place within it) transforms. In that same vein, Honigman says that dragonflies represent hope, new beginnings, potential, and luck, and that they serve as a wonderful reminder to live each day as your last. “Make the most of each moment,” she says. You never know when it will pass.

Meaning of a Dragonfly Landing on You

Now, if a dragonfly lands directly on you, that’s even more notable, as it’s not just a brief passing reminder to be more present, but a direct nudge to be. Of course, if you’ve ever been around dragonflies, you may know that they can bite. While their bites aren’t considered dangerous and often don’t even break the skin, they can sting (I say that from firsthand experience). That said, even a dragonfly’s bite has meaning. “It could represent a fear of change,” Honigman says. “As dragonflies symbolize transformation, the bite could be your unease with the idea of transforming your life.”

Meaning of Spotting Dragonflies in Unison

It’s not uncommon to see dragonflies flying together, as they’re an insect breed known to swarm (ie: fly en masse to prey on other insects). While it’s a totally natural event, actually bearing witness to it is notable, Honigman says. “Seeing a swarm of dragonflies enhances the meaning of a single dragonfly,” she explains. “Its spiritual meaning of transformation, and making the most of what you have, is multiplied, and the message is therefore more pronounced.”

Repeat Appearances of a Dragonfly

If you’re not directly on the water or particularly close to the water, but you keep seeing dragonflies, Honigman says that the message is coming through loud and clear in an attempt to reach out. “If you see dragonflies again and again, this may be because you are called on to make a change in your life, transform yourself,” she says. (Which is similar to the meaning of a monarch butterfly). “The more you ignore the message, the more it will appear. If you're seeing dragonflies at an unusual rate, you may have been ignoring the messages for a while, so sit and think—where should transformation take place? What transformation can you create for yourself in order to benefit your life?”


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