Newsflash: Drake Is the Newest (and Most Famous) Matchabar Investor

Graphic: Abby Maker for Well+Good; Photos: Instagram/@champagnepapi; MatchaBar
Just when you thought Drake couldn't get more relatable (admit it—you can't help but look for him every time you're at Cheesecake Factory), he went and adopted one of your favorite wellness habits. The rapper is now the latest investor in MatchaBar, which—in more breaking news—is now available at Whole Foods, making it the grocery store's first ceremonial-grade bottled matcha brand to roll out nationwide. (It will be on sale starting in September.)

"Inspired by his hustle, MatchaBar is innovating the energy space."

While it's unclear when Drake started sipping on the antioxidant-loaded green tea, he knows a smart investment when he sees one: After all, backing wellness beverages has pretty much replaced scoring a soda deal, with big names like Beyoncé and Leo DiCaprio jumping in the game.

"Inspired by his hustle, MatchaBar is innovating the energy space," says CEO and co-founder Graham Fortgang. "As matcha has evolved from novelty, to fad, to trend, [my brother and co-founder] Max and I have always known it would emerge as a staple in the energy category. We're humbled by his decision to get behind our 'better energy' platform."

Considering that the celeb can go all-out during his concerts, do 100 burpees in one go, and still have enough stamina to date pop stars, he does seem to have the whole maintaining energy thing down. One last question remains: Will there be a Passionfruit flavor?

Drake isn't the only celeb with a matcha habit—Lady Gaga loves it, too. And PSA: Mixing it with lemonade tastes delicious.

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