Drew Barrymore Uses a Surprising Product to Get Damage-Free Beachy Waves

Photo: Instagram/@serena
Everyone wants a head full of enviable beachy waves come summertime—you know, the ones that make you look like an actual mermaid. But, if you don't choose your sprays carefully, you might end up with super dried-out and damaged strands. Not to worry, though, because minimalist-makeup-maven Drew Barrymore found a hack for creating a hydrated, healthy look—no salt needed.

In a recent Instagram post, the actress shared her love of Evian Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray—but not for its intended use. Instead of misting her face, Barrymore says spraying a bit to dry hair is the easiest method for attaining those effortless-looking beachy waves. "It will softly separate your stands and give a mild texture," she writes.

"It will softly separate your stands and give a mild texture." —Drew Barrymore

Because of the product's evenly-distributing atomizer, Barrymore says it works similarly to a blow-dryer's diffuser to give you the fuss-free look. Plus, it's not hard on your strands. So the next time you toss a bottle in your beach bag to spray on your face, remember to share the love and give your hair a spritz, too.

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