The 6 Healthiest Items on Drew Barrymore’s Wellness Résumé

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Drew Barrymore's wellness journey doesn't come with filters. Growing up as a child star in one of the most iconic movies of all time, she's been very candid about the struggles she had with fame in her early years—especially those that impacted her health. But today, it's hard to believe the life of America's sweetheart was ever filled with anything but green smoothies and Pilates.

After making it her mission to make her health a priority, she's stuck with it. And it shows: The girl is glowing. And what better way to celebrate her birthday than going through some of the healthiest items on her wellness résumé? From her love of natural beauty to the healthy foods she can't get enough of, we can all learn a thing or two from Barrymore.

Here are 6 of the healthiest items on Drew's wellness résumé

1. She always keeps digestive enzymes in her purse

Most people have crinkled-up receipts in the bottom of their bag—and Barrymore probably does, too. But you'll also find some digestive enzymes floating around, which she keeps on hand to help her break down food more easily after eating so she's not left with a stomach ache. "This way, when you eat, your stomach is saying, ‘Oh, thank you. You’re helping me,'" she says.

2. She's a fan of going makeup-free

Despite having a popular makeup line, Barrymore also loves ditching it all and going bare-faced whenever she gets the chance. Not just because it's easier, but also because she's not afraid of showing off her imperfections. "Makeup-free selfies are empowering because that’s what you really look like," she says. "I have no interest in sort of pretending I look like something else than what I am."

3. She makes the best avocado toast

If you think Barrymore's avocado toast is basic, you're so wrong. This star's go-to topping isn't a poached egg—it's a sliced heirloom tomato, as well as some some onions and crushed red pepper. (With freshly-squeezed lemon, of course.)

4. She's super into natural beauty

If you know one thing about Barrymore, it's that she's a major beauty buff. And that's further proved by the #shelfie she shared that's loaded with natural beauty products. Like, her bathroom cabinet has too many serums and moisturizers to count, including items from Tata Harper, Shea Moisture, and Earth Tu Face.

5. She has a celeb nutritionist on speed dial

Someone that's majorly impacted Barrymore's health is none other than celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder. "She is my guru and a genius. And has a great heart. If you want to learn about everything from digestion to diet to inner peace, she's your girl," she wrote on Instagram.

6. She's a boutique fitness class regular

Over the years, Barrymore has been spotted at many different types of workouts: Pilates, yoga, kickboxing—you name it. And one of her more recent faves? Dancing it out at 305 Fitness. (On New Year's Eve, nonetheless!)

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