The Easy Way Drew Barrymore Gets an Otherworldly Glow

Photo: Instagram/@drewbarrymore

Highlighters are all the rage when it comes to getting that shimmery, dewy look on all the right places. But actress/producer/beauty guru/mom-in-chief Drew Barrymore knows a trick for getting even more radiance—and it involves something you already have on hand.

In a video made with Vogue, the multitasking star demonstrates how she gets ready with minimal time in the morning. "I usually don't have any time to do my makeup," Barrymore admits. After applying foundation, highlighter ("I like it in the brow bone—it gives your eyes a little lift," she says), and blush, she divulges her secret to an extra-covetable glow: moisturizer.

"It's beyond a makeup glow—it just makes your skin look really fresh."

"I put it on my fingers—tap, tap, tap—and then it does something that even a highlighter can't do. It's beyond a makeup glow—it just makes your skin look really fresh," she says. Barrymore gently pats it all over her face, and voila—a lit-from-within complexion.

Of course, it seems so obvious. Moisture is the essence of beauty, after all—so it's only fitting that your number-one hydrating product can work double duty as a highlighter for a healthy glow. Looking for a natural one to use? These are the five best natural moisturizers with sunscreen.

Watch the full video below:


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