How to Hack Starbucks’ “Medicine Ball Tea” to Give It Extra Cold-Fighting Potency

Now that Labor Day Weekend has come and gone, it's finally time to come to terms with the fact that summer's finale is drawing nearer. Soon, you'll be swapping your iced coffees out for healthified PSLs, placing cozier fabrics at the forefront of your closet, your summer colds for (ugh!) fall-slash-winter colds. Well, not if Starbucks has anything to say about it.

"Medicine Ball Tea"—an illness-fighting elixir that used to have a covert spot on Starbucks' secret menu—became Starbs-official with a name and everything last March. Known as "Honey Citrus Mint Tea," the fall-perfect bev contains Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea, Peach Tranquility Herbal Tea, hot water, steamed lemonade, and a touch of honey. Once you add up the contents of the last two ingredients though, you've got 33 grams of sugar in a grande-sized order—so you'll need to hack the tonic to make sure you're reaping the utmost nutrition gains.

Here's the twist: Instead of syrupy lemonade, request a squeeze of fresh lemon.

Whether or not you're under the weather, you can go ahead and leave the tea portion of the order as is: Mint contains menthol, a natural decongestant and the Peach Tranquility blend has a nice serving of pineapple juice, which packs a powerful combo of vitamin C and bromelain that can help quell sinus and respiratory inflammation. But here's the twist: Instead of syrupy lemonade, request a squeeze of fresh lemon.

And if you do want to keep a note of sweetness in your steamy anti-sick day potion, ask for the honey on the side so you can drizzle and stir at your own discretion. The citrus-y, bee-powered combo has been found to loosen congestion and promote hydration, which will get you out of bed and back into action in a jiffy.

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