#BPOTD: Drunk Elephant’s New Eye Cream Nixes Fine Lines Like Nothing Else

Graphic: Well+Good Creative

Beauty editors have no shortage of skin-care and makeup goodies that come across our desks. So when we become obsessed with something, it says a lot. In our “Beauty Product of the Day” series (#BPOTD, for short), we wax poetic about the items that are truly game changers for hair, skin, and nails.

Drunk Elephant's vitamin C serum—aptly dubbed C-Firma—is a cult fave, known for its otherworldly brightening properties (oh, and for being non-toxic on the job, too). So it's great news that the brand has recently dropped a sequel—in an eye cream.

Still packed with a potent vitamin C complex and hydrating hyaluronic acid, Drunk Elephant's C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream also has the uber-plumping ubiquinone, cucumber (which soothes), and eight different peptides that strengthen and repair those itty bitty fine lines.

Unlike the liquid serum, the eye cream feels very rich yet quickly dissolves. I notice an instant de-puffing effect, which is a miracle in the a.m. when I wake up with a Jabba the Hutt-esque eye area—and good news for those who are too lazy to use a jade roller or eye mask (cough, like me). I've even found myself applying it midday—yes, on top of makeup—for a quick boost of hydration since the indoor temperature fluctuations are taking a toll on my skin.

The C-Tango has been a staple day and night for a couple of weeks now, and I can happily say that I'm finally dedicating a solid spot in my routine for this one eye product—whereas before, I was always rotating between whatever was on hand. Consider it something I'll have a minor freakout over once I run out (no easy feat for a beauty editor).

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