#BPOTD: Drunk Elephant’s New Serum Is Basically Vacation in a Bottle

Photo: Drunk Elephant
It's no easy feat to fake that "I've been in the Bahamas for a week" glow (unless, of course, that's just what you've been up to). Thankfully, cult-fave brand Drunk Elephant has concocted the perfect bronzer for sun-kissed skin minus the sun damage. Here's the thing: It's not just a bronzer, it has major skin-care benefits as well.

The D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Serum ($36), which officially launches June 14 on Sephora.com, is a bronzing serum hybrid that, with the help of  antioxidant white tea and cocoa extracts, helps to protect against all those external aggressors in your life, from city pollution to blue light from technology. The drops also contain vitamin F and to help smooth out fine lines and omega-rich marula oil, fatty acids, and black currant seed oils to really nourish your complexion.

It's particularly fun as a booster that you can mix in with other products, like your SPF or your facial oil (Drunk Elephant founder Tiffany Masterson likes to add it to the brand's Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense SPF 30 and Virgin Marula Oil). She created it because, as a person who doesn't wear foundation, she wanted to give a glow to her complexion. "After a few attempts [at formulating], we landed on a silky, natural-looking, bronzing concentrate," says Masterson.

"This gives me the perfect amount of warmth that looks totally natural," she explains. "It’s not strong or orange-y…it’s really sheer but just gives you one-step-up from where you were before."

As sunscreen serums rise to favor, I love that Masterson's three-part cocktail turns into almost a sunscreen serum that sinks right into skin, provides a physical block against rays, and makes me look as though I was on PTO (whether or not I truly was). My skin gets an instant, covetable glow that gives a real tan a run for its money—and it's doing more than that, which makes me feel even glowier. Win-win.

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