Use *This* Type of Dry Shampoo to Soak up Post-Workout Sweat

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Most days, you can spritz your go-to dry shampoo in your hair to sufficiently rid of your tresses of grease for healthy-looking hair. But when you start your day with a majorly sweaty workout? Well, you might require a special heavy-duty edition, applied in a strategic way, to soak up that situation and get your hair looking work-ready.

Hairstylist Teddi Cranford—who's worked with celebs like Emily Ratajkowski and Martha Hunt—told Vogue she uses dry shampoo on her clients on the regular, and that for a post-workout fix, a heavier option is your best bet (she suggests Prêt-à-Powder). "That looser powder is good for absorbing sweat from a workout," as opposed to other options, like aerosol spray.

"Looser powder is good for absorbing sweat from a workout." —Teddi Cranford, hairstylist

Not only does heavy loose powder offer great absorbing skills (it tends to be drier than its aerosol cousins), but it's also easy to use and will only add a minute or two to your morning routine. "I would go section by section and apply at the root, or on areas that are really oily, then take your blow-dryer and go roughly around the hairline, just to fan it out. You can also tip your head to each side and shake it out with your fingers," Cranford says.

So instead of using products that end up making your hair look more greasy after sweating it out (Cranford says spritzing a spray too close to your scalp is a common culprit of this aesthetic), this quick fix should do the trick. Sweat-free, voluminous hair, here you come—no matter you just finished doing.

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