The New Dyson Micro Is the Easiest Vacuum To Maneuver—But the Best Part Is the Price

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Vacuuming itself isn't the worst, but what happens before and after is a total drag. Lugging a cumbersome vacuum from room to room as the cord gets wrapped around table legs isn't just annoying, it's unnecessary. Dyson's newest vacuum is one of it's lightest (and best-priced) ever.

The Dyson Micro ($400) weighs 3.3 pounds, making it less than half the weight of the Dyson Outsize ($800) stick vacuum. With a 20-minute battery life, it's designed for everyday spot cleans on hard floors. While it might not be the best option for a primary vacuum if you live in a large house, it does stuff a broom never could. And it's perfect for apartment living.

Flip the Dyson Micro on with the power button, and when you reach a spot that needs a bit more power, tap the "max" button. The brush head features edge-to-edge cleaning, meaning you can easily remove the dust and dirt that collects at your baseboards or at the toe kick under your kitchen cabinets. Dyson Micro is a compact vacuum, but it still traps 99.99 percent of microscopic dust and particles as small as 0.3 microns, meaning that it lets out cleaner air than it takes in. This helps make the air in your home healthier, something the brand's founder, Sir James Dyson, says is needed more than ever.

“In addition to dust and particulate pollution, there are a lot of gases that people are probably not aware of—like the ones from scented candles, household cleaners, cooking oils, paint, varnish on floors, and formaldehyde that comes out of sofas—and these can all be deeply damaging,” Sir Dyson previously told Well+Good. “[Nowadays] if [people are] exposed to nasty gases and pollution it’s more damaging because they’re trapped with it. In the old days, we all had chimneys and very leaky homes, so we had a lot of fresh air, but now we have sealed, closed homes and we’re not getting rid of all of these dust particles.”

Dyson Micro comes with five cleaning heads to help you get big and little jobs done with one machine. The Micro fluffy head is made from soft woven nylon and anti-static carbon fiber filaments to remove fine dust from hard floors. The light pipe crevice tool is complete with an LED light to help you see what you're doing when cleaning in dark and tight spaces, like under the couch or behind the refrigerator. The combination crevice tool has an optional brush head to help corral crumbs and other loose bits while spot cleaning. The worktop tool is great for cleaning up surfaces like desks and craft tables after making a mess. And the mini motorized tool is great for removing stubborn dirt from mattresses, upholstery, and stair runners.

Because it's so lightweight, Dyson Micro is great to use overhead to clean up hard-to-reach cobwebs. You can also remove the long stick and use it as a handheld. A wall-mounted docking station keeps the vacuum charged and stored off the floor.

The best part of Dyson Micro is the price. At $400, it's among the most affordable cordless stick vacuums from a company that makes aguably the best vacuums on the market. In almost every way, Dyson Micro make your cleaning routine a lot easier.

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