The Symbolic Meaning of Spotting a Majestic Eagle

Photo: Getty Images / Feng Wei Photography
The U.S. Congress chose the bald eagle as the national bird in 1789. Years later, President John F. Kennedy wrote to the Audubon Society that the "fierce beauty and proud independence of this great bird aptly symbolizes the strength and freedom of America." The eagle has become a powerful patriotic symbol for many Americans, but what is the meaning of crossing paths with an eagle in the wild?

There are over 60 species of eagles flying in the skies throughout North America, Africa, Central and South America, and Australia. This extended eagle family includes sea eagles (which live near bodies of water) and snake eagles (so named for their skill at hunting snakes and other reptiles). While each species is unique, what they share in common is that they're all at the tip-top of the food chain, and this fact is important for understanding their spiritual meaning.

Below, learn a few interpretations of an eagle landing in your path or swooping over your head. The truth is that an eagle is so much more than a symbol of patriotism. Spotting one in the wild is an invitation to reflect on your own inner strength and connect with what you consider divine. And even though bald eagles are no longer endangered, they're still a rare sight. If you encounter an eagle of any kind, take a moment and appreciate the majesty of this beautiful predator.

The Spiritual Meaning of Eagles

In Native American cultures, Christianity, and Celtic lore, the eagle is considered a close link with god or gods. In some Native tribes, the eagle is considered to be a messenger between the heavens and the sky. Native people even wear eagle feathers on headdresses or "war bonnets" as part of healing ceremonies.

Meanwhile, in the Christian tradition, eagle feathers show up as a symbol of god's strength, love, and protection. And in Celtic traditions, the eagle is considered a link to wisdom and ancient knowledge. If you're someone who is Christian or feels connected with Celtic tradition, you can think about a run-in with an eagle as a mini-meeting with god.

What an Eagle Sighting Tells You About Your Goals

Are you contemplating making a big life change or going after an ambitious goal? Spotting an eagle may be your sign to go for it. Because eagles spend so much time in the air, they are widely considered an invitation to go after your biggest dreams and challenge yourself. So if you happen to see one when you're, say, contemplating a career switch, the bird is telling you to go for it.

Context is really important here, so think about what's going on in your life right now to understand why the eagle shows up—then let the bird show you how to be brave in pursuing your dreams.

Spotting an Eagle Might Mean You Need Balance in Your Life

According to California Psychics, an eagle may be telling you to restore equilibrium in the scales of your life. Maybe you've been pouring a little too much energy into work or finding yourself tired, rundown, and unsure of your way. The eagle reminds you to take a step back and rearrange your life, so that rest and effort are equally balanced. And, hey, we all sort of need that reminder—right?

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