Earth’s ‘Perihelion’ Occurs This Weekend—Here’s Why It’s Exceptionally Significant

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When the news is exceptionally bad and scary, I like to turn to astrology. It's safe here in the zodiac, where we're granted a sense of control in preparation for what lies ahead. Fortunately, this weekend just so happens to bring an astrologically significant event with it to distract from all the chaos. Earth's perihelion, or the point at which it will be closest to the sun as it travels along its orbit, occurs at precisely 2:48 a.m. EST on January 5.

While this happens every year and isn't typically considered a big deal, intuitive astrologer and healer Rachel Lang tells me that there's so much happening this month, astrologically speaking, that this particular perihelion could be exceptionally significant.

This month, several planets are clustered in Capricorn, including Mercury, Ceres, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto, along with the sun. "That’s a lot of emphasis on this sign and its themes, which include authority, corporations, institutions like government and religion, rules, structures, your reputation, karma, and the constructs of time," says Lang. "We could see these themes amplified throughout the month, and we may even face some of our limits with regard to these Capricorn themes."

We also happen to be on the Cancer-Capricorn axis line right now, which features a tension between the personal matters of home and family and the public matters of your professional life and social standing. "Cancer is the Mother, and Capricorn is the father," says Lang, noting that straddling the line between the two may cause us to struggle with competing desires. "It’s important to understand your personal value doesn’t have to be earned," she says. "Self-care starts with self-acceptance." Below, Lang breaks down how all of this plays out in conjunction with Earth's perihelion based on your sign, and advises accordingly.

What Earth's perihelion means for your life

Earth signs

With all of the Capricorn energy, you’re right at home. It’s a good time to set intentions. This is a highly creative and productive time.

Air signs

Ground your ideas in practical action steps. Work with others in collaboration. Remember you’re not alone. If you feel overwhelmed, find balance by giving yourself a break. Social activities can be a source of fun, even if you don’t feel up to it.

Water signs

This is a time to solidify your goal, realize your purpose, and stay committed. You can accomplish a lot, but your emotions could feel more intense than usual. If 2019 left you feeling down or stressed, try to see the gifts in all of those weighty circumstances.

Fire signs

You could feel more impatient with people, projects, and things. Capricorn’s energy is slow and calculated. Stay the course, and don’t give up. You’ve got the fuel to keep going through to the end of the month. This time means a fresh start in many ways.

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