Williamsburg Is Basically ‘Wellnessburg,’ and We Have the Healthy Travel Guide to Prove It

Ready to plan your wellness-rich Williamsburg itinerary? Watch the video for inspo.

There isn't much Well+Good video producer and host Ella Dove hasn't tried in the name of wellness (horseback yoga, anyone?) So naturally, we tend to trust her opinions on what's worth trying and what's plain weird—no matter where we are or what we're considering giving a shot. That's precisely why we're taking you on a new adventure: What the Wellness: Travel Guides, where Dove visits her go-to wellness destinations in her favorite cities and neighborhoods across the country, highlighting her favorite healthy locales. In this inaugural edition, we're touring four places in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which may as well be called "Wellnessburg." One stop along the way? East River Pilates.

Even if you've never been to Williamsburg, there's a good chance you've heard of East River Pilates founder Kimmy Kellum and strengthened and toned your body thanks to her tough Trainer of the Month Club sets. If possible, though, swinging by the IRL outpost of East River Pilates for a class is worth your time. And not just because it offers a variety of options for its reformer classes (like springboard classes and privates sessions), but because, as Dove points out, it fosters such an inclusive and uplifting community.

"Every time I walk in here, I just feel, like, a rush of good energy," Dove says. "I just think it's a really fun place to...torture myself in a Pilates class."

The good kind of torture, to be sure. As an added bonus, Dove's three other Williamsburg wellness-spot picks are within walking distance of East River Pilates. Seriously, we're talking a "will still be under your daily step count" level of proximity. The three other selects (revealed in the map below), maximize relaxation in different ways: through a hygge-forward hotel experience, taking a dip in a unique bathhouse oasis that helps you "shut up the stress of the New York streets," and enjoying on-the-go bone broth and avocado toast.

So, seriously, do yourself a favor and watch the video yourself to see how to have a thoroughly rejuvenating time in Williamsburg.

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