13 Super Easy Hairstyles for Inspiration on Days You Need It Most

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If you're a singular hairstyle kind of gal, you're not alone. You're in love with your signature look and that's fine, but hair boredom can still strike at any moment. In such times of need, it's nice to have some simple ideas up your sleeve. Maybe a few celebrity hairstyles to give yourself an instant upgrade.

Celebrity stylists know how to make their clients look flawless in record time. And some of their best hairstyles are easy enough to master at home.

Easy and beautiful hairstyles from celebrity stylists


1. Bubble ponytail

This pony looks complicated, but all it really takes is tightly securing your hair then using some ribbon to create a bubble-like effect.


2. Half updo with volume

Give the front section of your hair a little tease, then pull it back into a voluminous half up, half down style.


3. Chic pigtails

For a chic upgrade for pigtails, part your hair and bring the two sections in front. Then instead of securing your pigtails by your scalp, secure them with elastics three quarters of the way down for a loose, effortless look.


4. Infinity braid

Braids instantly give your hair an instant cool-factor. This infinity braid looks complicated, but once you get going, it's a piece of cake.


5. Messy curly bun

Let your natural curls shine with this quickie updo. To get an effortless look, leave wispy pieces out in front.


6. Knot updo

After giving your hair a couple twists around a high bun, simply secure the ends with a couple barrettes.


7. Low pony

Take your low pony from a 5 to a 10 by wrapping a ribbon or headband around the base.


8. Pearl buns

When you have some pearl bobby pins on hand, you can make anything look chic—especially these low double buns.


9. Wavy half-up

If you're rocking waves, simply pull back and secure a small section from each side, leaving out some wispy front pieces.


10. Texturized low pony

You just need a little texture and a hair tie and you're good to go with this easy low pony.


11. French pin buns

You don't even need a hair tie for this look. By using French pins instead, you'll instantly have a style that looks like it took way more time than it actually did.


12. Breezy pull-back

For an easy-breezy look, pull back a small section of hair on one side of your head and secure it with a barrette behind your ear.


13. Bobby pin low bun

A simple way to upgrade a low bun? Using a few bobby pins. They keep your hair in place and make the look more fun in the process.

Let your hair down with the trendiest long hairstyles of the moment. Or, chop it off with the most chic short looks.

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