The Holiday Sugar Cravings Are Real—Here Are 3 Tips for Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth the Smart Way

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Who else has felt the effects of the holidays? No, we’re not talking about the stress of gift giving or the inevitable family feuds—we’re talking about the undeniable influx of sugar.

Yeah—we've all been there. With all the cookie swaps, friendly gatherings, and holiday dinners, being inundated with less-than-great-for-you eats can just seem like a hazard of the job, leaving you tempted to hole up at home and go full hygge until the season is over.

And the struggle isn't just in your head. "It’s the time of the year when people adopt the 'I’ll reset in January' mentality and put their normal healthy habits on pause while they try to 'get through' the holidays," says Eliza Savage, registered dietitian at Middleberg Nutrition. "Poor eating habits, skipping workouts, stress, and lack of sleep can compound to make sugar cravings worse."

Good news: It doesn't have to be this way. With Savage's tips, you can tackle the holidays and still enjoy your sweets. So if you're feeling like a social butterfly, keep reading for how to get out there without feeling like you're hitting up a sugar-only buffet.

Scroll down for 3 ways you can satisfy your sweet tooth—plus, some easy desserts to add to your holiday lineup.

low-sugar desserts

1. Opt for sugar-free desserts and treats

There's actually a reason you're in the mood for something extra sugary around the holidays. "There’s absolutely more pressure to eat high-sugar foods during the holiday season due to the abundance of sugar-filled celebratory treats like gingerbread houses and candy canes," says Savage. And once you open the door to a sugar-only feast, you'll only crave more later on.

Get all the flavor from your holiday sweet treat of choice without the negatives with Pyure® Organic Sugar-Free Bakeable Brownie and Cookie Mixes. Completely sugar-free, gluten-free, and keto-friendly, they only take about 15 minutes to whip up. Set out the cookies or brownies at your next get-together and nobody (not even you) will notice the difference.

2. Swap out your standard ingredients

"There are so many alternatives these days for holiday foods," says Savage. "With nut-based flours and less refined baking ingredients, there are plenty of ways to [spin] your favorite holiday treats."

In addition to tweaking your go-to's to make them gluten-free, try swapping out refined sugar for Pyure® Organic Liquid Stevia in your peppermint latte for all the festive vibes. If you’re more of a baker, try Pyure® Organic All-Purpose Blend. "I love making Chocolate Chip Banana Oat cookies as a lower-sugar, less refined version of the 'real' thing," says Savage.

3. Eat intuitively so you're still satisfied

The most important thing to remember? Don't shun your sweet tooth entirely—listen to your body's cues. Savage recommends loading up on protein and fiber throughout the day to give yourself a solid baseline, which allows you to intuitively enjoy desserts later on without going overboard.

"While intuitive eating isn’t easy for everyone, I recommend choosing [low or no sugar] options of your favorite treats rather than restrictive eating, as restrictive behaviors typically don’t work long-term and can lead to overeating," says Savage.

So, no: You don't have to skip out on the festivities in the name of avoiding sugar, just remember these smart tips and party tricks for having your desserts (and eating them too).

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