9 Deliciously Easy Freeze-and-Reheat Meals for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

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Sometimes, cooking isn't an option. Whether you're too busy or too exhausted, there are times when you just don't want to cook. But also, you may not want to order out on those days.  Having a few easy freeze-and-reheat meals ready to go is perfect for the days when you just don't feel like cooking.

The fact that you're not cooking every day doesn't mean that have you have to settle for something that looks and taste's like it just came out of the back of your freezer. Many recipes that you can make in batches are freezer-friendly, meaning you'll hardly be able to tell that they were frozen in the first place. These are some of the best (and most delicious) easy freeze-and-reheat meals to feed you and your family throughout the week.

Easy freeze-and-reheat meals for breakfast

1. Zucchini bread baked oatmeal

Zucchini bread baked oatmeal, easy freeze and reheat meals
Photo: Okonomi Kitchen

Satisfy your morning sweet tooth with these zucchini bread baked oatmeal. Made with a flax egg and alt-milk, this vegan bar is perfect in a bowl of your favorite non-dairy milk, or eaten on its own. Top with dark chocolate chips or walnuts to make them even more delicious.

Get the recipe: Zucchini bread baked oatmeal

2. Southwest quinoa egg cups

Photo: Redefining All Diets

Mix some leftover quinoa with eggs, almond milk, and southwestern spices for this simple protein-packed breakfast. Once they've fully cooled, pop them freezer to have on hand for an effortless breakfast.

Get the recipe: Southwest quinoa egg cups

3. Pizza Frittata

Pizza Frittata, easy freeze and reheat meals
Photo: Southern in Law

Instead of eating a sad slice of cold pizza for breakfast, heat up a slice of this frittata pizza. Spices, canned tomatoes, milk, and mozzarella cheese give you the perfect base to make this frittata anything you'd like. Make it vegan with alt-milk and veggies, or top with your favorite pepperoni—the possibilities are endless.

Get the recipe: Pizza Frittata

Easy freeze-and-reheat meals for lunch

1. Chicken Meatball Enchilada Bowls

Chicken Meatball Enchilada Bowls 
Photo: Ways to my Heart

We love a good lunch bowl, and this enchilada bowl is perfect. Make homemade chicken meatballs, or grab some from the freezer section to make this meal. Complete with fresh peppers and black beans, this yummy recipe is perfect over cauliflower rice.

Get the recipe: Chicken Meatball Enchilada Bowls

2. Broccoli Tots

Broccoli Tots, easy freeze and reheat meals
Photo: Delightful Mom Food

A healthy spin on tater tots, these broccoli tots aren't just for kids. Eat them on their on or serve them with a side salad for a light lunch. Make a batch of these and store them in the freezer for up to three months.

Get the recipe: Broccoli Tots

3. Honey Sesame Chicken Lunch Bowls

Honey Sesame Chicken Lunch Bowls
Photo: Sweet Peas & Saffron

Stir fries are one of those things that taste better the second time around. Freeze a big batch so you can always appreciate that second-day flavor.

Get the recipe: Honey Sesame Chicken Lunch Bowls

Easy freeze-and-reheat meals for dinner

1. Greek Eggplant Stew With Cauliflower and Olives

Greek Eggplant Stew With Cauliflower and Olives, easy freeze and reheat meals
Photo: Green Plate Club

Stews are the original prep meal, and this is one you'll want to keep in your freezer at all times. Complete with eggplant, cauliflower, olives, and canned tomatoes, this meal will fill you up without making you feel sluggish. Check out our tips and tricks for how to freeze soup safely and efficiently.

Get the recipe: Greek Eggplant Stew With Cauliflower and Olives

2. Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore

Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore 
Photo: Haute and Healthy Living

Cooked low and slow, this chicken cacciatore recipe is the meal that keeps on giving. Store it in the freezer, and when you're ready to serve, just make some zoodles, pasta, or rice for the perfect yet simple base.

Get the recipe: Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore

3. Twice-Baked Buffalo Chicken Sweet Potatoes

Twice-Baked Buffalo Chicken Sweet Potatoes, easy freeze and reheat meals
Photo: The Creative Bite

Stuffed with veggies and chicken, these twice-baked sweet potatoes are the best to have on hand for a lazy dinner. Freeze them, and when you're ready to eat them let them thaw out in the refrigerator overnight before warming them in the microwave.

Get the recipe: Twice-Baked Buffalo Chicken Sweet Potatoes

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