Look Wide Awake in a Minute Flat With This 4-Step Eye Makeup Routine

Photo: Elena Mudd
Ah, the eternal dilemma: You snooze for those extra 20 minutes, but you still want to put on some makeup so that you don't look like you had to sleep on whether or not to face the world for the day. I feel you. That's why I'm all about simplicity when it comes to my makeup routine.

Star New York City-based yoga instructor Beth Cooke—who led the Well+Good Retreat at Cedar Lakes Estate this past summer—knows the feeling. And with a fully packed schedule that usually involves waking up pretty early for class, Cooke knows a thing or two about getting ready fast. Her secret? A few dabs and swipes that leave you lookin' like you just chugged a cup of coffee (even if you haven't hit the brew button yet). Keep scrolling for her easy-to-follow makeup routine.

The wide-awake, 4-step beauty routine

1. Banish dark circles: To start, Cooke dabs on a creamy concealer with fingertips right underneath the eyes. "I just take a little bit, put it on my hand, and give a little swipe underneath my eyes so that when I wake up early in the morning I'll look a little bit more awake—a little more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed," she says.

2. Set the concealer and cover the shine: To help lock the concealer into place, Cooke reaches for a fluffy brush and a setting powder, which she dusts "underneath my eyes and on my T-zone."

3. Sculpt the brows: To help frame the face, Cooke opts for a brow pencil with a spoolie on the end (this helps to guard from the brow looking too drawn-on, keeping it nice and natural). "I just put a little bit underneath the brow to make me look more awake," Cooke says. "I do it right in the middle and it adds a little structure to my face."

4. Accentuate the lashes: To finish, she presses a black mascara into the top lashes only and wiggles it outwards. "I just rub it into my lashes, trying not to get it in my hair. It really does the trick every time." Now, start your clock. 60-seconds...and go!

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