5 Easy-to-Digest Dinners to Help You Drift Off to Sleep Without Late-Night Bloat

Photo: The Foodie Dietitian
There are some celebrities—regardless of gender—that really make you think: Man, what do they eat?! Chances are, this is one (of many) thoughts that will run through your head when you take a look at Chris Hemsworth. Australian news site Nine got the low-down on what the Avengers: Endgame star uses for fuel straight from his chef, food expert Sergio Perera. While he says Hemsworth isn't exactly a picky eater, there are a few rules he follows using easy-to-digest-foods.

"Always aim for wholesome and nutrient-dense foods; always fresh and bright," says Perera. "Limit the use of boxed and processed foods." (The exceptions are high-quality protein powders and supplements.)

Perera also has some specific recommendations for recipes on nights when you get home late (you know, after a long day of fighting bad guys). You want to satisfy your grumbling stomach, but you don't want to be up all night digesting your meal. So what does he recommend on these nights? Seafood. "I feel that for night time, easier proteins such as seafood is much better to process and assimilate before going to bed," he says, specifically calling out salmon, trout, sardines, mackerel, shrimp, scallops squid, and mussels. (Not-so-surprising fun fact: Perera is from Spain, in the Mediterranean region.)

5 seafood dinners using easy-to-digest foods

ginger lemon salmon
Photo: The Iron You

1. Easy ginger, chili, and lemon salmon

As Perera points out, when eating a late night meal, making something that's easy on your digestive system is key, which is where the salmon comes in here. But besides the protein, ginger and lemon are both all-stars for gut health, helping the food settle even more easily.

scallops and polenta
Photo: Half-Baked Harvest

2. Honey butter blackened scallops with herby polenta

Served over creamy polenta, scallops provide the kind of protein Perera would approve of. Polenta is so fine that it's almost a liquid. That means your stomach won't have to do much work breaking it down. Pro tip: Be liberal with the paprika to really amp up the flavor.

Photo: 8th and Lake

3. Avocado and shrimp ceviche 

Papaya, a key ingredient in this recipe, is another food that's good for digestion. It contains bromelain, an enzyme that helps the digestive system break down food. Avocado makes this seafood dish even more satiating without overloading the stomach.

salmon gyros
Photo: The Foodie Dietitian

4. Greek salmon gyros with beet tzatziki

All this dinner takes to whip up is six ingredients and about 15 minutes. Salmon is, of course, the focus, but instead of your typical olive oil finishing, beet tzatziki, olives, feta cheese, and onion give a more flavorful taste.

fish and rice recipe
Photo: Hummusapien

5. Seared fish with zucchini farro and tomato tapenade

As far as grains go, rice is easier on the stomach than pasta because it's smaller. And that seared white fish is lifted straight from Perera's list of go-tos.

Here are some other ways to improve your digestion. And if you still wake up feeling bloated, give one of these tonics a try.

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