When an Eclipse Meets a Full Moon (Like This Week), Strange Things Can Happen

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There are two big cosmic happenings this week: an eclipse and a full moon. And yep, they're happening at the same time. (Mark your calendars for Tuesday.) What does this mean? Astrologer Jennifer Racioppi offers up her best guidance for a kind-of-cuckoo week that could shake a lot of things up—and could even affect your period. 

The week begins with the sun in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Perfecting on Sunday, July 14, this combination of the sun, which represents the mood of the moment, in opposition of Pluto, which brings demolition, means that we enter into the new week with a relatively high sense of intensity. This seems fitting considering that during the week ahead, we’ll also experience a partial lunar eclipse at 24 degrees of Capricorn, where the moon will conjoin Pluto, too.

Happening on July 16, at 5:38 p.m. Eastern, this lunar south node eclipse triggers transformation. It asks you to let go of that which you no longer need, and rise to the occasion of what’s calling you forward. Lunar eclipses, which happen at the time of a full moon, bring stories to completion. They highlight opportunities for growth.

Lunar eclipses, which happen at the time of a full moon, bring stories to completion. They highlight opportunities for growth.

So as the week begins, take time to get grounded. Put your feet on the earth, hand on your heart, and allow yourself a full breath. Slow your inhalations down and take complete exhalations, creating space in both your diaphragm and heart for what’s emerging in the world around you. If you’ve been developing your spiritual practice, now’s the time to surrender into the truth that your life is guided, that you are protected, and honestly, you are here to be of service to others.

Thankfully, at the time of the eclipse, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, conjoins the north node of fate and destiny. This means that while the eclipse brings a heavy dose of unexpected activity (eclipses act as wild cards, after all), Venus softens the energy. As the goddess of love travels in nurturing Cancer, tap into embodied grace and slow down. As Venus conjoins the north node and trines Neptune, it illuminates the power of your dreams and amplifies the potential of spiritual practices.

Here's why you should step up self-care right now

While emotions and sensitivity to others may feel enhanced, allow yourself time to process what you need and feel deeply into your experience. Remember, you can be empathetic to other people’s experiences without feeling their feelings for them. Stay centered.

Keeping physically active supports you to amplify your resilience at this time, too. Consider taking a long brisk walk or jog every day this week, or be sure to get on your yoga mat this week—especially for a thorough yin yoga practice.

Consider taking a long brisk walk or jog every day this week, or be sure to get on your yoga mat this week—especially for a thorough yin yoga practice.

Drinking plenty of water also helps your body, which is always a good thing, but especially during a hot summer month amid intense lunar occurrences. So, don’t skip the basics this week: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

To support your body and nervous system even more, prioritize a healthy blood sugar-balanced diet, and eat plenty of veggies (preferably organic, seasonal, and local). And remember to take your vitamins. Getting enough magnesium, B vitamins, and the other basics help your body to perform optimally and rest more deeply.

Remember, in the words of Soren Kierkegaard: "Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forward." This bodes especially true this lunar eclipse given that Mercury also travels retrograde at this time. When it comes to processing emotions, do not forget the power of journaling. Hand-writing your thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a journal keeps you out of non-productive ruminative loops of overthinking. It also helps you to contextualize and process feelings that might otherwise be all too easy to ignore, or stuff away for another time. Should you need even more support to make sense of what you are feeling, consider scheduling a psychotherapy session, or contact a non-traditional healer like a reputable tarot reader, acupuncturist, or coach.

And yes, even your period could be affected

When it comes to linking your menstrual rhythms with lunar rhythms, I’ve observed many women’s periods shift during eclipse months—meaning your normal menstrual rhythms might feel dysregulated at this time. While there’s little science that concretely points to why, it also makes sense to note that eclipses can amplify the potency of a full moon. Monthly lunar rhythms and menstrual rhythms have a long history of working in concert with one another. So, should you feel your menstrual rhythms shift now, be patient with your body, and cater to its needs. How can you show up on behalf of your body now? What is it asking of you and needing from you? Tune in and listen.

As the week moves on, and the intensity of the eclipse gives way to the moon’s waning phase later in the week, take advantage of this and consider what you need to shift to accommodate the consciousness emerging in your life. What can you release or let go of to make room for more authenticity in your existence?

Next week, the sun moves from Cancer into Leo, and cosmic winds shift again. Until then, enjoy the sensitive waters of Cancer season. Take time to befriend and your feelings, and meet emotional experiences head-on. They are here to teach you how to become more confident and move in the direction of your highest good.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women's health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 

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