The Upcoming Eclipses Will Shake Up the Holiday Season—Here’s What To Expect for Your Zodiac Sign

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An energetic shift is a-brewing in the cosmos thanks to the upcoming eclipse season of 2021. First, on the November 19 full moon, the Earth, the moon, and the sun will align, with the Earth casting its shadow on the moon, creating a lunar eclipse. Then, on the December 4 new moon, the Earth, moon, and sun will align once again, this time with the moon shading the Earth in a solar eclipse. All of that obscured shadow energy delivers a time of things unexpected and fated, says Ryan Marquardt, an astrologer for The SoulUnity. But, to get more specific, it's helpful to consider the signs in which the eclipses occur; this will shed some much-needed light on the particular effects of this final 2021 eclipse season for each zodiac sign.

In general, during eclipse season, things tend to be a little wonky and off-kilter. “A good rule is to release expectations and allow the universe to take the wheel,” says Marquardt. “People and situations may enter or exit your life at this time, and it's best to let that happen.”

For a bit of celestial background, eclipses always occur as a duo (one lunar and one solar) about every six months. And the zodiac signs in which they happen follow a pattern, too, with eclipses occurring in a pair of opposing signs on the zodiac wheel for about two years at a time. The upcoming eclipse season falls within an overlap period, with the partial lunar eclipse on November 19 happening along the Taurus-Scorpio axis—and heralding the forthcoming eclipse cycle, lasting through 2023—and the total solar eclipse on December 4 happening along the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, finishing an eclipse cycle that began in June 2020, explains Marquardt.

"During this next eclipse series, we’re moving into a newfound sense of self-worth, security, and respect of the natural world." —astrologer Ryan Marquardt

All of that is to say, we should see the results of a time period focused on Gemini themes of open-mindedness and clear communication arrive around the December 4 solar eclipse. And beginning with the partial lunar eclipse on November 19, we’re getting a taste of Taurean themes to come in 2022. “During this next eclipse series, we’re moving into a newfound sense of self-worth, security, respect of the natural world, and a changing value system around our material lives,” says Marquardt.

Around both eclipses, however, buckle up for some turbulence. New realizations could reveal how we’ve outgrown old patterns, and direct us abruptly toward different ones, says Marquardt. Below, he breaks down the arenas of life in which each zodiac sign is bound to feel this change-of-direction energy.

Here are the anticipated effects of the upcoming eclipse season for each zodiac sign, according to an astrologer:


Lunar eclipse: Matters of money and material assets may be on your mind, as this eclipse happens in your second house of resources. Perhaps you're inspired (or even required?) to save in more diligent ways, or you begin to spend more consciously on items aligned with Taurean themes of Earthly beauty, says Marquardt—like, say, organic skin-care products, eco home wares, or even solar-powered tech.

Solar eclipse: Expect a deeper shake-up during this eclipse, which happens in your ninth house of exploration and culture. "You could get existential," says Marquardt, "particularly as you're pushed into unfamiliar territory, whether physically or intellectually." Though you might be tempted to run from the situation, Marquardt suggests embracing the change as much as you can: "You could adopt a more philosophical approach as a result."


Lunar eclipse: You're just beginning to learn and understand your value, as this eclipse heralds a new era of eclipses within your first house of identity through 2023. "You could feel the need to prove yourself, but the only person who really needs convincing is you," says Marquardt. Around this time, you could find yourself laying the foundation for personal growth to come.

Solar eclipse: With this eclipse occurring in your fourth house of home and family, you could run up against some elements of conditioning and outdated belief systems of your past—which you'd be wise to drop. "These themes are resurfacing only to show you where you've allowed yourself to stay stuck, and so that you can confidently release them and move forward," says Marquardt.


Lunar eclipse: Hold on tight, Gemini. This eclipse happens in your 12th house, which is a tough place for any alignment to occur, says Marquardt: "It's the house of self-undoing, ruled by our vices and escapist behavior." As a result, you could find yourself practicing some self-isolation as you struggle to let go of thoughts that don't serve you. Instead, home in on positive mantras that can return your joie de vivre.

Solar eclipse: Questions about your close relationships could come into play during this eclipse, which happens in your seventh house of partnerships. You'll be pushed to figure out which outside advice is helpful to embrace, and which you'd be better off dropping. "Pay attention to the people in your life who wield influence over your opinions," says Marquardt. "You are the five people with whom you surround yourself the most. Who are they?"


Lunar eclipse: The upheaval of this eclipse could surface a new life aspiration for you, as it occurs in your 11th house of good fortune and fated opportunity. At first, it could appear riddled with a bit of risk or uncertainty, but it's important to remember that no good thing comes easily: "Trust that the new dream will be solid and dependable, and let your old purpose fall away," says Marquardt. "Because of the community focus of the 11th house, this new mission could allow you to make an impact on a much broader scale."

Solar eclipse: As a cardinal sign, you prefer to be an initiator, but this eclipse moving through your sixth house of routine and subordination could place you in the role of a follower. "By learning to release some control in daily duties, however, you may be able to find the joy in routine motion and skill-building," says Marquardt. After all, being in charge isn't always all it's cracked up to be.


Lunar eclipse: Your career and reputation are the spotlight focus of this eclipse, which activates your 10th house. But while you may be excited about the opportunity to really shine at work, the shift could also leave you doubting your capabilities. "Try to turn these fears into fuel for your inner-confidence, rather than allowing them to stifle your potential," says Marquardt.

Solar eclipse: You could grapple with elements of self-expression, as the change-up of this eclipse occurs in your fifth house of creativity. In particular, you may find yourself toeing the line between sharing your life and your passions on social media and keeping it all private. "If you can, try to ignore outside opinions when it comes to working on the things that bring you joy," says Marquardt. "Work quietly, and let the world be wowed when you unveil your final product."


Lunar eclipse: You might feel explorative or have an itch to travel, as this eclipse highlights your ninth house of foreign lands. "While some Virgos might truly uproot and move somewhere new, in a more symbolic sense, Virgo is learning to escape from their comfort zone." Because doing so could still feel scary to you, Marquardt suggests finding a friend or mentor who could show you the ropes.

Solar eclipse: This eclipse turns you toward your home and family, as it passes through your fourth house of familial roots. "You begin to assess what beliefs you hold dear and what beliefs you're only holding onto because of family conditioning," says Marquardt.


Lunar eclipse: Mutuality is a theme for you during this eclipse, which occurs in your eighth house of shared resources. "As a cardinal sign, you tend to give or take to an extreme, but this eclipse is showing you how to find the middle ground that'll bring about a win-win scenario," says Marquardt. The key to navigating this transit will be in embracing balance.

Solar eclipse: A shift could occur in how you present yourself to others, as this eclipse highlights your third house of communication, sales, and marketing. "This is all about self-talk, self-branding, and self-promotion," says Marquardt. And that means defining yourself not in relation to others or to outside forces, but solely in connection to how you really want to tell your story.


Lunar eclipse: This Taurean eclipse falls in direct opposition to your sign, in your seventh house of partnerships—which could create some tension in the way you currently define your closest relationships. If you swing toward either codependence or hyper-independence, you'd be wise to consider a healthier middle ground, in order to take any relationship to the most fulfilling next step.

Solar eclipse: This shake-up could affect the way you view money, as it arrives in your second house of personal resources. You might feel the need to get more practical with the resources you have at your disposal by returning your spending focus to the basic necessities, says Marquardt. And when you do splurge, it'll be on items that reflect your inner values and definition of self.


Lunar eclipse: Yes, big adventures fuel your spirit. But in the case of this eclipse, which moves through your sixth house of daily rituals, you're being pushed to consider the opposite: the seemingly mundane things that sustain you. It's a stop-and-smell-the-roses energy, says Marquardt, and you'd be wise to tend and prune those roses, too—that is, by focusing on all the little things that make you feel good, mentally and physically.

Solar eclipse: This eclipse happens in your sign, which means you could feel it big-time: It's pushing you to release some self-limiting belief that's been getting in the way of your true identity. "You've put yourself in a box somehow, and you're meant to jump out of it, which can feel like an ego-shattering moment," says Marquardt. But in the end, doing so will be well worth it.


Lunar eclipse: As it moves through your fifth house, this eclipse is directing energy toward your artistic side—which you don't often embrace. That could mean a sudden decision to pursue a side gig, open an Etsy shop, or take on a new crafty hobby. Though this may feel destabilizing at first, especially if you're used to working in a societally "traditional" way, the new rush of creativity could prove empowering in the end, says Marquardt.

Solar eclipse: With this eclipse moving through your 12th house, expect to feel a bit off-kilter or uncomfortable; you thrive on logic, and the 12th house operates from a place of spirituality and mysticism. "You could learn that you've placed too much emphasis on practical, worldly matters, and that it's time to lean into the poetry of life," says Marquardt. If you can, try to suspend your skepticism.


Lunar eclipse: If something has felt unhinged in your home life, this eclipse could bring a push toward stability. Or, perhaps it reveals what's been out-of-whack for a while now, as it joins Uranus (your planetary ruler) in your fourth house of home and family. Though unexpected events in this realm could feel unsettling, they could also shift your perspective toward new solutions that ultimately feel more aligned.

Solar eclipse: The mix-up of this eclipse may happen within your broader network, or the company that you choose to keep, as it occurs in your 11th house of community. "On the one hand, you may be surrounding yourself with people who are too similar to you, and on the other hand, you might realize there's no continuity with your friend groups, and you need to find new folks with whom you really mesh," says Marquardt.


Lunar eclipse: Putting your many swirling thoughts and ideas into actionable plans will be your focus—and your struggle—during this eclipse, which occurs in your third house of communication. "You'll have to really commit to the power of your mind in order to uncover these more useful ways of interacting with others, but doing so will ultimately make you feel more understood," says Marquardt.

Solar eclipse: You could feel pushed to refine your reputation and your legacy during this eclipse, which shakes up your 10th house of career. "Consider what tangible steps you can take toward fulfilling your work goals," says Marquardt—rather than allowing yourself to get lost in the sauce of what-ifs. At this moment, you have an opportunity to mold or re-mold others' perspectives of you, if you're willing to embrace some discomfort along the way.

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