The Clorox Wipe Shortage Will Last Through 2021—Try These Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Now that hand sanitizer and face masks are more easily accessible—two things that were nearly impossible to find a few months ago—it seems like stores should be stocking up on everything else, too. One thing you won't be seeing anytime soon, though, is Clorox wipes.

According to CNN, even though Clorox has ramped up its production, the shortage of the disinfectant wipes will continue into 2021 due to the increased popularity during the global pandemic. But while those wipes are the go-to for cleaning surfaces, they're not the best option for the planet. Most of the time, these products are one-use-only, and because they're made of synthetic fibers, they don't break down in landfills. Aka they contribute to a whole lot of waste.

That's why eco-friendly cleaning wipes are so great. You can use them over and over again with your own cleaning solution—which is super simple to make, BTW. Then once you're done sanitizing and cleaning your home, all you need to do is soak your wipes in hot soapy water for 20 minutes and run them through the wash later that day. You'll keep your space germ-free, save money, and help out the planet, and here are the best options to try.

Mortier Pilon Reusable Cleaning Wipes and Glass Dispenser, $20

eco-friendly cleaning wipes

The best thing about this buy is that you get both the reusable cleaning wipes and a glass dispenser. It's a Clorox-like set-up, minus the waste.

Shop now: Mortier Pilon Reusable Cleaning Wipes and Glass Dispenser, $20

Super Scandi Swedish Biodegradable Cleaning Wipes, $22

eco-friendly cleaning wipes

Each of these biodegradable cleaning wipes has the durability of up to 15 rolls of paper towels. Pretty impressive. They're also super absorbent and are said to soak up 20 times more liquid than their weight.

Shop now: Super Scandi Swedish Biodegradable Cleaning Wipes, $22

Mioeco Reusable Unpaper Towels Washable, $20

These reusable bamboo cleaning wipes are like paper towels, except way better. They're strong and absorbent, making it easy for you to clean. Then once you're finished using them, run them through the wash.

Shop now: Mioeco Reusable Unpaper Towels Washable, $20

Wowables Reusable & Biodegradable Paper Towel, $20

eco-friendly cleaning wipes

The name of this product checks out. These reusable wipes aren't just super durable and high-quality, but this single roll can replace up to 13,260 disposable paper towels. "Wow" is an understatement.

Shop now: Wowables Reusable & Biodegradable Paper Towel, $20

DII Swedish Dishcloth Set Cleaning Collection, $16

If you want a cutesy set of eco-friendly cleaning wipes, this is it. Aside from the fun lemon print (it also comes in watermelon print!), they'll get the job done by soaking up to 15 times their own weight.

Shop now: DII Swedish Dishcloth Set Cleaning Collection, $16

Adventure Wipe Compressed Wipes, $35

biodegradable wipes

One reason why people love Clorox wipes so much is that they're so travel-friendly. Well, here's your eco-friendly alternative for that need. These towels come compressed, then once you add water or your cleaning solution (which you can keep in a small container on the go, like this one), they expand. After returning home, simply put them in the compost.

Shop now: Adventure Wipe Compressed Wipes, $35

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