12 Unexpected Products W+G Editors Bought That Made Them So, So Happy This Month

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They say money can't buy you happiness, and we agree. However, it can buy you happiness-boosting products that give you a little burst of joy in your everyday life. Healthy retail therapy is a thing, after all. And while we don't condone trying to buy away your problems, there's nothing wrong with some self-care spending every once in a while (especially if you got a nice little tax refund...).

Just ask our editors and staffers, who aren't afraid to indulge themselves with a "happiness gadget" here and there. Between the hustle-and-bustle of working at a digital publication and balancing busy personal lives, a lil' treat (or a big treat) can work wonders on our mood and mindset. I can confirm—my personal shopping cart was full of happiness boosters this month, and each made my day a little bit brighter that when it started. Scroll to see everything that brought us pure, unadulterated joy in April—they might just bring you pure, unadulterated joy, too.

All the things that made us happiest this month

Cure, Lemonade Hydrating Electrolyte Mix (Pack of 14) — $24.00

Even though I write about how important it is to drink water, I don’t drink enough water. Sick of being a hypocrite (and being thirsty) I invested in a few bags of Cure’s delicious hydration packets which make refueling delicious. After receiving a box of its new Lemonade as a sample (which is so refreshing, btw), I ordered more on Amazon, plus the Grapefruit and Lime flavors to switch things up. They’re completely plant-based, have less natural sugar than competitors, and are worth every penny.

Tracksmith, Corduroy Hat — $55.00

“I’d been fancying this for a couple years, but it seemed totally impractical—I mostly wear baseball hats for running, and who wants something heavy and hot on their head for that?” says Senior Health and Fitness Editor, Jenny Heimlich. “But, like I once told to my husband when he asked why cut flowers are more ‘romantic’ than potted plants, sometimes impractical things bring us the most joy because, really, their main purpose is joy. So I finally got myself this hat last month, and it makes me happy every time I wear it, whether running or just walking around the neighborhood. It’s even turned out to be pretty ideal for shoulder-season because it’s lighter than a beanie but warmer than a trucker hat. So, more practical than I thought!”

Good American, Always Fits Metallic Shoulder Top + Bottom — $104.00

Summer’s coming, baby! That’s why Lifestyle Editor, Erica Sloan, added this bad boy to her cart. “I’ve been wanting a one-shoulder suit. It’s pretty cute and actually fits!” she says. “It’s also metallic-y, the shimmery is so cute. A spark of joy, might you say—a spark of metallic-y, shimmery joy.”

Year of Ours, Runyon Waist Pack — $68.00

“This functional fanny pack is giving ‘go outside and enjoy the spring weather!'”, says senior food editor, Betty Gold. “As someone living with type 1 diabetes, I need to carry emergency crap (glucose, blood sugar monitoring supplies, needles) around with me on every single errand, workout, and dog walk. We’re finally getting some sunshine and warmth in New York City, and I love that I can just clip this around my waist and be off. Say what you want about fanny packs—I’ll keep having my fun.”

Slumberpod, Slumberpod and Fan Combo 3.0 — $200.00

New parents: Few things spark more joy than a good night’s sleep. Just ask W+G’s Deputy Editor, Alexis Berger.

“The first few times I traveled with my baby, my husband and I slept in the same room as him, whether at a hotel or at a friend or family member’s house. This means we’ve needed to tip-toe in the dark to get whatever we need, since the baby goes to sleep before we do,” she says. “The SlumberPod has completely solved our problem. The privacy tent fits over a travel crib, making the baby’s sleeping environment totally dark to an extent that he isn’t disturbed when my husband and I have the lights on in the room. It features ventilation flaps and comes with a fan for safe sleep, and it packs up into a small drawstring bag that fits inside any carry-on. It has for sure become a must-pack item for my little family.”

Trader Joes, Sweet Corn, Burrata, + Basil Ravioli — $4.00

If you’re sad, go to Trader Joe’s. It’s scientifically proven* to refill your proverbial cup to the point of overflowing. Last week I filled my cart with tasty treats like the Hold the Cone ice creams, Unexpected Cheddar Cheese Dip, and these summery raviolis, which brought both me and my belly pure bliss.

* It was actually just proven by me.

Snake Plant Laurentii
The Sill, Snake Plant Laurentii — $68.00

“My boyfriend and I have been settling into our new apartment, and adding in some greenery to our space has been at the top of our to-do list,” says Amelia McBride, W+G’s editorial assistant. “This snake plant from The Sill is stunning and has earned a permanent place in our home office. I’m notoriously bad at keeping plants alive; since snake plants only need to be watered once every two weeks and can thrive in practically any light, I’ve been able to enjoy its beauty without stressing about the upkeep!”

Ellis Brooklyn, Florist Eau De Parfum — $108.00

W+G’s Commerce Director, Gina Vaynshteyn, says a few spritzes of this flowery perfume makes her feel like a “brand new, shiny person.”

“It’s everything you’d want from a floral perfume, but better,” she says. “You know when you pass a person in the hallway or at a restaurant, and their perfume is so sweet and enchanting, you’re drawn to this person like a magnet, and compelled to ask them what their perfume is? This is that kind of perfume. You will get questions. You will get compliments. You will wear it down to the very last drop and buy three more bottles.”

Snif, Sweet Ash Candle — $44.00

McBride also jumped on the aromatherapy train to “spark” a bit of joy. “Lighting this candle has become my favorite way to unwind after a long day,” she says. “This scent is absolutely delicious: It’s a mix of sweet scents like vanilla bean and earthy scents like balsam and moss, creating a soft and masculine fragrance that’s not too overpowering. It has great throw power (one candle has filled my three-bedroom apartment with fragrance) and has lasted me for weeks.”

Fiorucci, Angels Sweatshirt — $102.00

Alright, Fiorucci is the only *designer* brand I’ll get weird over solely because I have an emotional attachment to it. My very Italian mother used to talk about it growing up and sing that Sister Sledge song (Halston /Gucci /Fiorucci) whenever she reminisced about her college days. She’s so cool! And I always wanted to be cool like her! So, when I saw the brand was throwing a mega spring sale, discounting this vintage crewneck down from $170 to $102, I added it to my cart, no questions asked. An impulse buy, but one that makes me smile (and hum “He’s The Greatest Dancer”) whenever I wear it.

Nicpro, Dry Erase Wall Decal — $9.00

Arguably more practical, W+G Health Writer, Han Schneider, bought this sticky dry erase paper for getting organized. “It’s been super helpful for writing out cleaning to-do lists that I just wipe away when I’m done,” she says. “I have been able to write cute menus for friends that have come over for dinner and can write things that I can’t forget.”

Betty Crocker, Fruit Roll-Ups (Pack of 10) — $3.00

“Thanks TikTok,” says Vaynshteyn. Enough said.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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