Quiz: Tell Us How Busy You Are, and We’ll Tell You What Immune-Supporting Dish To Make for Dinner

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Whether you're juggling work, family, friends, household chores, or some combination of the above, it all boils down to one universal truth: Life can get hectic.

But no matter how long your daily to-do list gets, you've still gotta eat—which is why having a no-fail formula for a satisfying dinner comes in clutch on the nights you need something on the table ASAP. Enter: the egg, aka the ultimate in-a-pinch meal.

That's right, eggs aren't just an all-around breakfast superstar because they're delicious, quick to whip up, and super versatile (do you know any other food that can be scrambled, poached, fried, sous vide, baked, and boiled?). They're also packed full of nutrients, and, yes, easily transformed into satisfying dinner mains.

And when your non-stop schedule has you starting to feel a little run down? Eggs have your back there too, thanks to their immune-supporting vitamin and mineral content. "Eggs contain many nutrients that can help keep you healthy, such as vitamins A and B12, zinc, and selenium," says registered dietitian Caroline Brantley, MS, RD.

Not all eggs are created equal, though. Thanks to a nutrient-rich chicken feed that includes ingredients like sea kelp and alfalfa, Eggland's Best eggs contain six times more vitamin D and 10 times more vitamin E compared to ordinary eggs. That's a pretty big deal considering vitamin D can help support a healthy immune system by fighting off harmful bacteria and viruses, and vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant.

While breakfast for dinner is never a bad idea, keep scrolling for a few egg-based dinners that don't solely pair with mimosas. And because everyone's schedules are a little bit different, answer a few questions, and we'll give you a recipe that will fit right into your busy (or not) night.

Need egg-based dinner inspo? Take the quiz below to find your new favorite immune-supporting dish.

Whether you're too hungry or time-crunched to spend the effort prepping a big meal or just prefer to avoid cooking at all costs, this Guacamole Bruschetta is an easy solution. The avocado toast 2.0 features an Eggland's Best Hard-Cooked Peeled Egg and homemade, guac-inspired mash (use store-bought to shave off another minute).

"I love the pairing of the avocado, which provides good healthy fats," Brantley says. Plus, besides Eggland's Best eggs' many benefits, Brantley says avocados contain antioxidants that can help support immunity.

When you're rushed, but not too rushed, try this made-over brunch food. This Pizza Frittata combines all the deliciousness, ease, and benefits of Eggland's Best eggs, while adding in a yummy pizza flavor.

Plus, like Brantley points out, you can always sneak in additional veggies. "What a fun alternative to pizza," Brantley says. "This recipe is an easy way to add in different vegetables, which are an important part of our diet as they contain many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help keep us well."

This Make-Ahead Mediterranean Egg Casserole is a go-to for any meal prepper. "This is one of my favorite types of recipes: super easy, simple, and healthy," Brantley says. "You can make it for a group or use as meal prep for the week. This recipe is easy to add vegetables to, as well as mix up the types of vegetables used and the amounts, making it easy to get a full serving of veggies in."

Whip up this egg-based dinner in advance—it involves chopping veggies and 30-ish minutes of cook time—on a night that you have more time to prep, and your future busy self will thank you.

On the evenings when the stars align and you have the time and actually feel like cooking, pull together this more-involved dish. Roasting the veggies, simmering the farro, and frying the eggs for your Veggie Bowl with Farro and Egg takes a little time (pro tip: save it for a night you're not teetering on the verge of hangry), but the end result is deliciously worth it.

Besides the perk of knowing you made the whole dish yourself, this egg-based dinner's payoff is big: "The farro is a good whole-grain option packed with fiber," Brantley says. "And additional veggies provide nutrients and antioxidants, while the eggs provide a good source of protein." Here's to you, pro chef.

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