5 “Egg-cessories” Every Home Chef Will Love

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Has there ever been a year where we've collectively spent as much time in the kitchen as in 2020? If you're living the work from home life, you're likely making all three meals at home—and if you have kids, you're most definitely opening your fridge more than three times a day. If you're not working from home, chances are you have a very hectic work schedule that doesn't allow much time for meal prep or cooking. (Shout out to all the essential workers out there!)

For both groups, eggs can be a mealtime lifesaver. They are high in both protein and healthy fats (key for feeling full) and work just as well in breakfast dishes as they do lunch and dinner. They also cook relatively quickly in the moment or can be hard-boiled in advance to have on hand all week long.

Watch the video below to see why one registered dietitian calls eggs "nature's multivitamin":

To make the most of cooking with eggs, it helps to have a few egg-centials on hand. This can help make cooking and meal prep even easier. Rounded up below are five egg kitchen tools worth stocking up on.

5 egg kitchen tools

1. OXO Good Grip Egg Timer with Piercer, $23

egg kitchen tools
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Let's start with the egg kitchen tools basics. Having an egg timer on hand will ensure your eggs turn out perfectly every time. No more pulling 'em out of the boiling water early, nervously cracking the shell, and then finding you really should have waited an extra two minutes. This one adjusts to four different sizes (depending on how big your eggs are) and comes with a piercer, which prevents cracking during the boiling process. It also doesn't take up much space, so it's easy to stash away.

Shop now: OXO Good Grip Egg Timer with Piercer, $23

2. Westmark Duplex Egg Slicer, $19

egg slicer
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If you like adding eggs to salads, pasta, or grain bowls for quick protein, an egg slicer can really come in handy. It also makes dicing or mashing hard boiled eggs for egg salad sandwiches easier. This German-made one has steel blades, which really gets the job done.

Shop now: Westmark Duplex Egg Slicer, $19

3. Cuisinart Egg Cooker and Poacher, $40

egg kitchen tools
Photo: Bed, Bath, & Beyond

Want to meal-prep your eggs so they're ready to eat all week long? Then this baby belongs in your kitchen. It cooks up to 10 eggs at once and has a special standby mode that prevents overcooking. Once your batch is done, you'll have your protein prepped and ready to go.

Shop now: Cuisinart Egg Cooker and Poacher, $40

4. Joie Roundy Silicone Egg Ring, $3.50

egg ring
Photo: Bed, Bath, & Beyond

Egg sandwich lovers, this one's for you. For less than a fiver you can get yourself a gizmo that makes perfectly shaped eggs for your morning meal. Not only does it ensure a perfect fit for your sandwich, but it also works to prevent leakage from the yolk so your bread won't get all soggy.

Shop now: Joie Roundy Silicone Egg Ring, $3.50

5. Emson Egg and Omelet Wave Microwave Cooker, $10

egg and omelet wave
Photo: Bed, Bath, & Beyond

More of an omelet person? We got you. This tool makes omelet-making foolproof using the microwave—no flipping necessary. You can also use it to poach eggs in the microwave. It could make a useful gift for a college student living in the dorms.

Shop now: Emson Egg and Omelet Wave Microwave Cooker, $10

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