This $22 Celeb-Favorite Hand Cream Is Going Viral on Amazon

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Think you have to break the bank in order to score the hand cream celebs are obsessing over? Well, here's a pleasant surprise: The one that's currently going viral on Amazon just so happens to be $22.

Egyptian Magic—which the makers claim is "made with the blessings and guidance of Eqyptian ancestors"—only contains six all-natural ingredients (olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, and bee propolis), is great on sensitive skin, and is easy to travel with. Plus, some big names back it up: It's Jessica Chastain's in-flight must-have for ultra glowy skin, and even Shiva Rose can't get enough—she uses it to tame her hair when it gets a little wild.

It's Jessica Chastain's in-flight must-have for ultra glowy skin, and Shiva Rose uses it to tame her hair when it gets a little wild.

Because the cream is so all-purpose, it's a keeper in any beauty cabinet—and that's exactly why, according to Allure, its Amazon sales are up more than 5,000 percent.

Whether you want a red carpet-worthy glow or simply to help save your hair from that dreaded winter static cling, the no-frills jar will definitely come in handy. Just make sure you grab one before it's sold out.

If you have money burning in your pocket, celebs swear by this $175 cream. But don't stop there: You'll love these at-home face peels too.

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