The Totally Versatile Pieces This Star HIIT Trainer Swears By

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You knocked out your resolution to Marie Kondo your activewear drawer (and finally got rid of that one pair of leggings you never wore), but now comes the hard part—restocking with multi-functional pieces that will hold up from yoga to boot camp, and every pitstop in between.

HIIT trainer Elianne Alexander has your solution—and as a busy mom, blogger, and fitness instructor she knows the value of having one look carry her through her entire day.

"My activewear is like my superhero costume," she says. "I need quality, nice fitting, sweat-wicking activewear that looks good on me. And you can't go wrong with monochromatic."

"My activewear is like my superhero costume."

Alexander is sharing her top picks for revamping her 2018 workout wardrobe (all of which are available on Amazon because convenience is everything). But she also has some solid advice for starting your new year off on the right foot.

"Let the new year be the start of a lifelong journey," she says. "There is no destination, just a long beautiful ride." Major wisdom on deck.

Keep reading for her nine tips for keeping your fitness resolutions rolling into February—and her super chic activewear picks to match.


amazon fashion activewear

Core 10 Studiotec Yoga Cross Waist Capri, $55

Before giving out advice, Alexander takes inventory of her own goals to make sure she's acting as a positive role model for her clients. "My goals for 2018 are to continue to be true to myself, promote health and wellness, and hopefully lead by example," Alexander says. "You have to practice what you preach."

One piece of advice she's always willing to share: Her activewear faves, like these cropped leggings. "The cross waist is so flattering and comfortable," she says. "They don’t slide down when I’m working out, and equally important, the material is thick enough that they are not even remotely see-through."


amazon fashion activewear

Core 10 Dare Devil Sports Bra, $39

Her number one piece of advice for creating a fitness routine that sticks: Find something you enjoy. "Working out should never be a chore," Alexander says. "If at any point you get bored, it’s okay to take a step back and change things up a bit. The key to longevity in fitness is having fun!"

If you're trading your yoga mat for boxing gloves, you're going to need a sports bra that will hold up to anything. "To me the Dare Devil bra is the absolute perfect fit: high neck so you never feel like you’re falling out of it, plus just the right amount of support."

amazon fashion

Core 10 Ballerina Sports Bra, $39

Her next piece of counsel? Don't obsess over the number on the scale. "I don’t even own a scale anymore," Alexander says. "Getting that notion through my head was not easy, but once I stopped looking at the scale, my outlook changed, and in turn, so did everything else."

Instead, turn your focus to other aspects of your fitness journey that bring you joy—like the people you look forward to seeing at your Tuesday night spin class or activewear with pretty detailing. "Who wouldn't love this beautiful strappy back?" Alexander says. "This is perfect for yoga."


amazon fashion activewear

Core 10 Studiotec Yoga High Waist Tight, $65

Next, she advises striving for balance in your diet. If one of your goals is to eat better this year, that's awesome. But don't turn down birthday cupcakes from your favorite bakery in the name of clean eating.

"Eat sensibly, but don’t obsess over always eating clean," Alexander says. "You only live once, enjoy it! Food is fuel, and balance is the key."

Alexander keeps her eating habits balanced by writing a menu each week and setting alerts in her phone to remind her when to go food shopping. Her side kick through it all? Black leggings of course. "These are the kind of tights I wear every day, whether it’s to stretch, lift weights, or go to the grocery store."

amazon fashion activewear

Core 10 Rebel Sports Bra, $39

Planning in advance is key not only for hitting the grocery aisle, but also for staying on track with your fitness game. Some of the little habits Alexander has seen make a big difference are packing a gym bag the night before and carrying healthy snacks for on-the-go hunger emergencies.

In her own gym bag she always stocks travel-size shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, resistance bands, a lacrosse ball, foam rolling stick, water, protein powder, and chocolate—because, balance.


amazon fashion activewear

Core 10 Dare Devil Tight, $69

Her next tip: Always have a gym buddy. "I find that working out with friends is so much more fun," Alexander says. "It’s like having an accountability partner."

Besides her IRL BFF, her next best workout buddy are her go-to high-waisted leggings. "These are the definition of chic," she says of the ultra edgy pair, which would be a perfect match with a leather bomber.

amazon fashion activewear

Maaji Enchanted Spirit Preserving Magic Yoga Full Length Tight, $74

When it comes to making New Year's resolutions, Alexander cautions that you should make them for yourself, and not because you're trying to fit in or meet a certain ideal.

"Don’t ever compare yourself to someone else," she says. "Our DNA makes us unique. Strive to feel your best, instead of looking a certain way." And if feeling your best means wearing printed leggings, go for it.
amazon fashion activewear

Nux Women's V Pant CB, $89

Probably her most uncomfortable piece of advice is challenging yourself to push your limits (that's why they call it a comfort zone, right?).

"It’s so easy to get used to something and just go through the motions, Alexander says. "A comfort zone is nice, but it doesn’t compare to the feeling of achievement you’ll get when you hit new milestones."

Sometimes, pushing your boundaries can be as simple as trying a new class, or picking out an outfit that's a little more daring than your usual look. "I don’t normally go this wild, but I’m in love with these pants," Alexander says. "They definitely stand out—in a really good way!"

amazon fashion activewear

Core 10 Ballerina Tight, $69

Finally, if you're working toward a goal, Alexander stresses the importance of always keeping that goal in sight, even on the days when you're feeling really unmotivated.

"Mind over matter, I just do it," she says. "And I always feel so much better afterwards." Throwing in an incentive like a new pair of second-skin leggings doesn't hurt, either.

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