What Bird Bakery’s Founder Does Every Night to Ensure a Stress-Free Morning With Her Fam

Photo: Courtesy of Elizabeth Chambers Hammer

When Elizabeth Chambers Hammer and her husband Armie (yep, that Armie Hammer) founded Bird Bakery in 2012, it was with their roost in mind—the menu was made up family recipes they'd tested to perfection. So it makes sense that for Chambers Hammer, starting the morning off on the right foot means spending time with Armie and their two kids. But in order to make time for snuggles *and* keep pace with her boss babe life—which she spoke about in her keynote for Create & Cultivate, the fastest growing nationwide conference and online platform for women who want to build the career of their dreams, in Houston last month—she also needs to plan ahead. 

Welcome to My Morning Routine, where Elizabeth Chambers Hammer and other good-life gurus share their personal (frequently surprising, often healthy) morning rituals—to help you make your a.m.’s more awesome.

Elizabeth Chambers Hammer
Owner and founder of Bird Bakery, chief correspondent for the Human Rights Foundation

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is reach for my husband [Armie Hammer] and babies for cuddles. (I also check my phone almost instantly, unless I'm exercising restraint.) I’m definitely more of a night person. I feel as if I have the most clarity during the nocturnal hours when the phone isn’t ringing, texts aren't incessant, and there are fewer distractions. But I love the morning, too!

Elizabeth Chambers Hammer morning routine
Photo: Breanna McKendrick Photography

Before I start my day, I do some simple skin care, which includes Kypris 10,000 Roses beauty oil and Argentum cream. If I also have the luxury of squeezing in a morning workout, it’s the greatest feeling in the world. I feel like a morning workout sets the tone for a more productive and energetic day.

One thing I never do is meditate...although it’s on my to-do list! I do like to visualize my schedule and how things will transpire throughout the day—for instance, knowing points I would like to discuss on a conference call or in meetings. My dad, who is the ultimate morning person, always stressed the importance of laying out clothes (and anything else you know you will need) the night before. Because of him, I set the breakfast table before I go to sleep at night and try to be more mindful of what's ahead.

I usually do my meal prep in the evenings and on the weekends, but when I'm home and not traveling, my husband and I cook for our kids [3-year-old Harper and 1-year-old Ford]. We eat as a family as often as we can. Mornings can be a bit rushed, but we all enjoy our morning rituals together.

I feel like a morning workout sets the tone for a more productive and energetic day.

When it comes to breakfast, the kids love pancakes and French toast, but I limit those to twice a week or so. They like my eggs, my husband’s gruyere and turkey omelet with blistered tomato, and they love fruit. When I know we have a busy morning ahead, I make our Bird Bakery breakfast casserole the night before. I take liberties with the ingredients and always change it up to keep things interesting.

I usually eat whatever my kids haven't finished on their plate. I'm also a serious kombucha drinker—I drink a GT's Lemonade or Trilogy kombucha right when I wake up and another in the afternoon. I love matcha and all teas, too, but if I don’t have a kombucha and time with my family in the morning, my day feels a bit off.

Chambers Hammer also relies on a DIY beauty hack to keep her skin glowing. And if you love breakfast as much as she does, these quick a.m. recipes will keep you on time for work (and bloat-free, too).

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