Elizabeth Hurley Swears by Apple Cider Vinegar for a Metabolism Boost

Photo: Instagram/@elizabethhurley1
Even top supermodels and actresses aren't above downing the funky-smelling wellness beverage that is apple cider vinegar. Proof: Jennifer Aniston swigs it in the a.m. and Miranda Kerr pours it over her salad.

Now, Elizabeth Hurley (of Austin Powers fame) tells The Cut that Bragg's ACV is her morning drink-of-choice. "I often put apple cider vinegar in my hot water," she says of the beverage, which has a cadre of benefits from better digestion to glowier skin. "It's good for your metabolism."

"It's good for your metabolism."

Despite the commitment, Hurley—like all of us—admits that it's not exactly tasty. "It tastes disgusting," she says. "I can't face it everyday, so I'll put it in my hot water maybe every other day." Girl, I feel you on that.

Half an hour later, Hurley says she's onto her first cup of coffee. Ah, of course it helps to have a reward at the end of a super-acidic sip—groovy, baby.

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