5 Small Changes Elle Macpherson Says to Make Right Now for a Healthier Future

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Elle Macpherson says she feels more fab in her 50s than she did as a 20-something. Why? The supermodel's finally honed a holistic protocol that feeds her mind, body, and soul—which she credits for her ageless outlook on life. Here are the 5 rules she insists you do now to ensure that you feel your healthiest, happiest self at any age. 

When I first started my career it was a very different world—and I was a different girl. I didn’t look after myself as well as I do now; wellness has become a priority for me, in a holistic, natural way.

The best way to keep your skin looking radiant and youthful at any age is to nourish your body with nutrients at a cellular level.

One thing I've learned over the years is that beauty isn’t skin deep—it comes from within. And the best way to keep your skin looking radiant and youthful at any age is to nourish your body with nutrients at a cellular level.

A nutrient-rich diet, along with exercise, lots of water, lots of laughter, and lots of love is how I choose to live my life now to maintain a healthy balance.

Here are 5 healthy habits you can adopt today that'll help you feel fab at 50.


1. Develop a positive relationship with exercise

Your body's more forgiving when you're younger—you can push it to the limit. But learning to be kind to yourself in your 20s will save you a lot of time later on.

I've always loved to move my body, but I used to think I had to train hard every day, no matter how I felt. Now I believe developing a balanced relationship with exercise—finding workouts that you enjoy—is key to a being healthy as you get older.

I have a long list of sports I choose from depending on how I feel, including boxing, Pilates, walking, running, hiking, swimming, yoga, cycling, and more! Because while a six-mile run might be just what I need one week, a mindful yoga class could be more important the next.


2. Find what foods work for you

It can be easier to get away with fad diets and not eating nourishing foods when you’re younger, but I believe in the benefit of creating good habits for life. I don’t do extreme diets. I eat organic food when possible, and consume a majority plant-based diet—so that’s lots of leafy greens, salads, fruits, vegetables, and clean, hormone-free proteins like fish and chicken.

I always start my daily routine with two teaspoons of powdered alkalizing greens in cold spring water (or coconut water for extra hydration and a sweeter taste). Recently I’ve been mixing them with protein powder, a handful of berries, frozen banana, and homemade almond milk.

My advice? Find what works for you. Experiment. Nothing should ever be a chore—you need to enjoy the process, that way it'll become a habit for life.


3. Prioritize your skin protection

It’s true what they say: Love the skin you’re in.

I've often said I wish I used sunscreen more often when I was younger. You don’t notice the skin damage when you’re in your 20s, but now that I'm in my 50s I notice. If nothing else, invest in a really good natural sunscreen—you’ll thank me later!


 4. Become BFFs with your water bottle

Drink more water! It nourishes your cells, helps you lose weightboosts your energy levels, and supports healthy kidney function by flushing out toxins. I also believe it improves your skin (though right now, researchers are unclear of how water affects its elasticity or appearance).

When I wake up in the morning, I drink one liter of water, then I have hot water with lemon. For the rest of the day, I always have my water bottle with filtered water handy. Drinking two to three liters of water a day isn’t easy, but it’s a habit you can create when you're younger that'll just become part of your everyday.

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5. Make simple swaps

Rather than making dramatic changes, I believe in making small, achievable alterations over time that you're likely to stick to. For example, swap cow’s milk for almond in your coffee, your usual bag of chips for organic popcorn, or butter for avocado on your toast.

Call your friends rather than text them. Read a book before bed rather than scrolling social media. Small changes seem less daunting, but they can lead to lifelong habits that'll benefit your health.

headshot_elle_macpherson_smallSupermodel and wellness entrepreneur Elle Macpherson is a member of the Well+Good Wellness Council, our handpicked holistic health squad with the best advice this side of your own personal guru. The perennial “Australian Girl Next Door,” Macpherson has been a prominent figure in business, fashion, film, and television for the past 30 years, winning scores of awards for her ingenuity and entrepreneurial drive. Today, she serves as the co-founder and creative director for WelleCo, a premium wellness brand known for its alkalizing Super Elixir organic supplements. 

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