Get Ready for Your Emerald Year, Capricorns—2020 Is Going to Be the Best Year Yet

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In 2019, the cosmos chose Sagittarius as its freedom-loving celestial favorite. Acclaimed astrologer Susan Miller predicted the archers would experience an interstellar year after successfully overcoming many obstacles. And with 2020 careening towards us like a comet, she has officially predicted the next sign to receive an astrological boost of the emerald year. Capricorns, prepare for the best days of your life.

If your birthday lands between December 22 and January 19, you've never lacked ambition and 2020 is going to treat your life goals right. "You won't know how good it is, but you're making associations, you're making new friends, you're starting new projects, and you don't know yet that they're all going to come up in you garden—but they are," says Miller. "You are going to wear the crown."

"You get everything you've wanted—it's carte blanche when you enter your emerald year." —Susan Miller, astrologer

Starting December 2, Saggitarius will hand over the thrones to the sea goat for a full calendar year of health, wealth, and HBIC status. "You get everything you've wanted—it's carte blanche when you enter your emerald year. You only get 12 months, but you only get this every 12 years. So you have to make it a big year! Go for what you want," Miller adds.

Astrologer Elisabeth Grace previously told Well+Good that Caps feel the happiest in pursuit of accomplishment. They love it when other people acknowledge wins. And for good reason! They're damn good at checking off their to-dream lists. Now, dear Capricorn, may the universe be the wind beneath your wings.

Go ahead: mark your color-coded calendar for the second day of December. The first year of a brand-new decade is rooting for Y-O-U.

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