The Ultimate Way to Practice Self-Care, According to Emma Roberts

Photo: Instagram/@emmaroberts
Celeb Instagram posts fall under a limited number of categories: selfies, workout boomerangs, beauty hauls, and vacation photos (of course). Emma Roberts, though? Her #shelfies are of the actual bookshelf variety—rather than of beauty product shelves—and she loves posting book content so much that she even started an entire book club-slash-reading community called Belletrist.

"My greatest pleasure in life is recommending the perfect book for someone and them loving it," Roberts, who's currently repping the old school New Balance 574 sneakers, gushes to me. "My best friend Karah [co-founder of Belletrist] and I used to scream when we had 10 thousand followers on Belletrist, and now we have over 150 thousand and it's been so amazing to see the community grow and see how engaged everyone is."

"To post what you're reading really shows more about you and it opens up a conversation."

Books are her passion—which is why, with a quick scroll through her Instagram page, you'll see she's posting more book photos than practically anything else. "I love posting fashion and beauty as much as the next person, but to post what you're reading really shows more about you and it opens up a conversation," says Roberts. "Everyone was constantly asking me for book recommendations, so my best friend and I were like, 'We should start an Instagram.'" In the process of doing so, she's not only created a community but opened up a new avenue to self-care.

"It's been so amazing to see people showing off what they're reading on social media," adds Roberts, who admits she always has to have a book on her. ("I never know if I'll have time between things, so I'll just read by myself at a coffee shop or a car wash—you can clock in pages when you have free time.")

Her advice? "It's nice to set attainable goals for yourself—there's such a feeling of accomplishment when you finish a book," says Roberts. "For me, I try to read 30 pages a day. Before you know it, you've finished a book in a week." Rather than scrolling social media, the actress sets aside time in the morning or evening to curl up with a book to turn inward and venture into the story. Perhaps she's reading a different American Horror Story? (Had to.)

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