Emma Roberts Gave 3 Summer-Reading Recs to Nicole Richie—and You Can Steal ’Em

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Ever since launching her book club, Belletrist, in March 2017, Emma Roberts has essentially become a go-to destination for A+ reading recs. So, unsurprisingly, Roberts' BFF Nicole Richie also relies on the Scream Queens star's literary list to stock her own TBR pile.

Richie recently shared an Instagram story of Roberts dolling out three perfect travel tomes for summer getaways (because the only thing better than wanderlusting is wanderlusting with a great read—or a few—in hand).

"The first book of your trip is Visible Empire, and judge a book by its cover, because it’s as delicious as it looks. But it’s also meaningful at the same time," Roberts proclaims. And with the cover of this newly released novel featuring an enviable placid blue pool, judge away, summer readers.

Next, the chic bookworm goes for an old fave, Still Life with Woodpecker, which debuted in 1980. "It’s one of my all-time favorites," Roberts gushes. "And this is a fantastical journey about love and life. But not in a traditional way."

As her final pick, Roberts holds up Motherhood by Sheila Heti. In three words, she describes the book with "fantastical, action, motherhood," adding that it'll give you something to chew on whilst sitting poolside. "[T]his book is one of those books that’s like a meditation, not a novel. So you’re going to want a pen so you can underline everything and read it out loud to your girlfriends while you’re drinking rosé," she says.

As Roberts has pointed out in the past, carving out a little reading time equals top-notch self-care. So why not use your PTO to discover far-flung destinations while plowing through your stack of hot pages? And hey, maybe if your nose is preoccupied with a book, you'll more naturally tune out your chatty seatmate on the plane to your dreamy warm-weather getaway.

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