Emma Roberts’ Go-To Fall Shoes Are These ’90s-Inspired, Arch Support-Friendly Clogs

Photo: DSW
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It’s not surprising that in our post-pandemic world everyone started to prioritize comfort, especially when it comes to fashion. The idea of sacrificing “pain for fashion” feels so outdated. Now, it’s about what makes you feel good and what is actually good for your health.

According to studies, research shows that in 2020 there were an estimated 6,290 ER visits due to high-heel related injuries involving women ages 15-69, which went down significantly from 2019, when there were 16,000 per year. Yes, really. And while we aren’t in quarantine wearing slippers and flannel pajama pants anymore (well...at least not every day), many of us are trying to strike a balance between fashion and comfort. If you never felt comfortable in those platform heels or stilettos, then why wear them?

But! You can still wear heels that give you height and support. Enter the clog boot. Clogs are traditionally shoes that are made in part or entirely from wood. But they’ve evolved over the years to take on different fabrics and forms. Crocs being one of the most famous iterations. But a chunky heeled clog is still one of the most timeless looks for fall.

And actress and mom Emma Roberts is unsurprisingly leading the way, showing us how versatile a chunky clog can be (and how comfortable). Roberts recently teamed up with DSW for a line of Crown Vintage x Emma Roberts footwear and accessories, featuring everything from loafers to boots. Our favorite (especially because it’s arch-support friendly) is one of Emma’s go-to shoes: the Janis clog.

It has almost a ‘90s vibe to it (chunky, a little punky, effortlessly cool), but it feels timeless. You’ll get a ton of mileage out of these throughout the fall and into the winter. You can wear them with boyfriend jeans while running errands, or pair them with a pair of tights and wear with a plaid skirt and sweater during the chillier months. Truly, do whatever you want—because there are no rules. The only rule is: No shoe is worth hurting yourself over!

emma roberts
Photo: DSW

A shoe with a chunkier heel and a lower heel (the Janis clog style is a 2.5” stacked block heel), provides more arch support more naturally than a very thin heel. "Good arch support cradles the arch and can prevent tendonitis and heel pain, which are some of the most common symptoms of collapsing arches," says Velimir Petkov, DPM, a podiatrist at Premier Podiatry in Clifton, New Jersey.

Also, even if you don’t suffer from high arches, your biggest issue might be because you aren’t wearing the correct size. Mainly because these days everyone orders online instead of trying them on first. “Many times a patient's problem is because they are wearing the wrong shoes or the wrong size shoes,” explains Dr. Frances J. Lagana, podiatrist at UMass Memorial Health. Dr. Lagana recommends getting measured at a brick-and-mortar store before buying shoes. “Over 40 percent of adults in the United States—and I was one of them—are wearing the wrong size shoe,” she says.

So, if you’re someone who swore off heels during the pandemic, but now you want to dip your toe (and heel) back in–we suggest Emma Roberts’ new line of cute and comfy fall boots. 

And, as always, if you suffer from prolonged foot pain, be sure to consult your podiatrist before deciding on a new shoe style.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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