The All-Natural Beauty Products Emma Watson Swears By

No surprise, she has some genius non-toxic picks.
Since graduating from Hogwarts, Emma Watson become equal parts future-is-female role model and style icon. From her star-making turn in the Harry Potter films (and FYI the original book debuted 20 years ago today!) to the hit remake of Beauty and the Beast, Watson has always been honest about living a super-healthy life—as well as speaking out about feminism, spreading the word about the awesomeness of nesting (preach!), and even offering up advice to the masses in Grand Central Station.

And the best part is that Watson's always happy to take her fans along for the ride. The star-slash-United Nations ambassador launched The Press Tour Instagram account to share her beauty, fashion, and style secrets during the pre-Beauty and the Beast media blitz—and she's kept the account going well past the film's release earlier this year.

And her latest Insta look got our attention—because it puts her solidly in the clean beauty revolution camp. So, Emma, who are you wearing?

"All beauty brands are cruelty-free and formulated using both natural, mineral, and organic ingredients," Watson shared on the post, which was re-grammed by the natural beauty brand. A couple of non-toxic highlights from her latest look: RMS' cult favorite "Un" Cover-Up concealer in shade #22, as well as Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Tint on cheeks for a gorgeous glow. (Fearless advocacy, acting chops, and outspokenness sold separately.)

Watson's not the only one who digs RMS: The brand's lip shine sold out in three hours, and the beauty oil is a Well+Good go-to. 

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