This 30-minute Pilates Workout Will Test Your Endurance (and Your Core)

Working out can be really fun, really challenging (or both). And, if you're a fan of both fun and challenging exercises classes, the most recent episode of Good Moves features one of East River Pilates instructor Brian Spencer's best (and most demanding) Pilates workouts. It is 30 minutes of ab, glute, and arm strengthening. If you want to test your endurance and get what Spencer calls "juicy" stretching in, tune in to this most recent episode.

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Spencer leads the workout with a lot of spirit and reminds you to meet your body where it is. He starts with dynamic stretching like cat and cow poses that eventually turn into planks. The goal is to stretch muscles like the hamstrings that aren't super warmed up. The cool thing about the warm-up in this workout is that it gives you an idea of the moves you'll be doing later on. Spencer makes sure that you have enough warm-up moves to feel limber before moving into harder poses that will engage your core and glutes.

You end the workout with standing arm moves to round out a Pilates workout and work your entire body. The movements you do for your core and glutes are sort of isolated until the end, which features a lot of full-body motions. Spencer mentions that you might feel a bit shaky, but that is a good thing. It means that you're teaching your body how to support itself in new ways.

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