This Surprising Abs Tip Could Make Post-Spin-Class Butt Soreness a Pain of the Past

Photo: Stocksy/Raymond Forbes LLC
Anyone who's ever clipped into a stationary spin bike has at some point thought, "Oh, this is not going to be good for my tush." The fast-paced spinning routine common to popular studios on those narrow seats can certainly leave an impression, but luckily, it's possible kill it in your class and prevent some of that next-day soreness.

Maddy Ciccone, a Boston-based SoulCycle instructor, told Refinery29 that the two small bones on the bottom of your pelvis will become sore if you place all your weight on the bike seat. But there's another muscle group you can use to take some of the pressure off your derriere.

"Engaging your core really tightens everything up and makes the body riding as a whole so much stronger." —Maddy Ciccone, SoulCycle instructor

While it's certainly enough of a challenge just to keep your legs churning during class, also paying attention to your midsection can help take a load off your butt. "Engaging your core really tightens everything up and makes the body riding as a whole so much stronger," Ciccone says. To practice this better form, extend your arms in front of you, slightly bend your elbows, and focus on pulling your belly button in toward your backbone, which keeps your abs strong and stable.

With this pro tip, your butt will be happy, and you'll get a major abs workout during your spin sesh. But, if you want to double up on soreness-prevention tactics, grab some old-school padded bike shorts and ride the comeback trend before the retro look totally takes off. (Hey, Bella Hadid is already doing it.)

Here's why you might want to skip the arm portion of your spin class. Or, find out how to get the most out of your time on the bike.

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