I Haven’t Worn ‘Nice Pants’ Since 2020, but These Trousers (That Consistently Sell Out) Just Convinced Me Otherwise

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Like many forever WFH'ers I know, I haven't dressed up since before the pandemic. Since leaving Brooklyn and perpetually working remotely in upstate New York, I can count on one hand the times I've been back to the office, properly "dressed" for the occasion. My wardrobe is a revolving door of "recleisure" stopped only for the occasional jean or exercise dress that crosses my desk in need of testing. The blazers and trousers I once wore to my office job are stuffed somewhere in the back of my closet, pretty much untouched since March 2020.

So when Èpoque Évolution reached out asking if I wanted to give their trousers for a spin, my knee-jerk response was a resounding "no." I could practically hear my leggings gasping from inside my dresser drawer—real pants?! For what? Tapping away on my computer on my couch while reruns of Summer House blaze in the background? My sweatpants work just fine, thanks.

But after doing some digging, I was persuaded to take 'em up on their offer. For starters, the Jet Set Trousers ($228) are arguably chicer than the stack of workout leggings and pajama pants I had in my dresser—maybe a posh pant was the confidence booster I needed. More impressive is Èpoque Évolution's ethical North Star, which is committed to using sustainable materials (deadstock, recycled fabrics, etc.), fair labor, and eco-friendly manufacturing practices that decrease its carbon footprint. As a commerce writer who genuinely believes that sustainable fashion is the future and "less is more," I wanted to give them a shot.

Époque Évolution, Jet Set Trouser — $228.00

Available sizes: 0-16 in petite and regular inseams

Also available in taupe, which is currently sold out.

Glad I did, because these "nice pants" have become my new go-to WFH pant. They're unbelievably cozy and flattering, disproving my theory that you have to wear sweatpants in order to be comfortable. Let's dive in.

They're out-of-this-world comfortable

The Jet Set trousers feel like a high-quality legging or workout pant. The fabric—the brand's Evolve II—is highly-sculpting blend of recycled nylon and Lycra® Xtra Life, a spandex fiber that is 10x more durable than unprotected materials, per the Lycra website. Plus, they're wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying, moisture wicking, and UPF 50, which is fashion's equivalent to sunscreen. Yes, please.

Listen up when I say that I put these pants on and mumbled under my breath, "Holy s**t." They are that comfortable. The feel is kitten-soft, nothing like the stiff, scratchy trousers you wore to your first internship in college. They fit like a luxury yoga pant, compressing and sculpting while still leaving enough room for movement (read: lying on the couch). My favorite touch is the high waistband, which is smoothing and doesn't budge. Since there's no drawstring, I was worried they'd fall down or roll out of place—they stay put and don't cause any camel-toe'age along the way. And, just because I'm a sucker for aesthetics, the metal "époque évolution" logo at the back of them is a fancy touch. They're incredible. Might I even say... époque?

They're washable

The real reason I don't have many "nice" clothes is because I will most likely ruin them. I barely have time to do the laundry that's brimming the hamper, why would I have time to go drop it off at a dry cleaners?! No, no. Machine-washable only, please.

To my surprise, the Jet Set Trousers are safe to be tossed into the washing machine. When I opened them I was positive they were going to read "Dry Clean Only," which would have been gut-wrenching. But they're not! "Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry," reads the website. Easy peasy.

They're chic as hell

When I wear these pants I remember why I got into magazine journalism in the first place: To be a boss-ass b'yotch! They make me want to want to do a power pose before a big presentation where I say things "synergy" and complain about "being on deadline." When I put them on, I'm taken back to my NYC days and can instantly feel myself strutting the streets, iced coffee in hand, phone to my ear making happy hour plans while I sneer at tourists who get in my way. Get out of my way! I'm a busy woman who's late for work!

epoque evolution
Photo: Author

Hallmark movie tropes aside, the pants are really chic and make you feel chic, too. Putting them on is an instant confidence-booster that'll make you feel poised and put together on even your most lazy, can't-be-bothered-to-shower days. The high-rise waist goes just as well with sweatshirts as it does with a white button-up, as do the cropped, ankle-grazing hems which can be worn with just about any shoe in your closet. Bonus points for the slitted hems which give 'em a bit of edge.

10/10, no notes. Okay, maybe one note: the price-tag. At $228 a pop, these pants are expensive. Would I honestly pay $228 for another pair? It's a steep price, but they're built to last which, which I can't say for many of the $80-$100 leggings I have tried. Some that I've had less than a year already have holes in them. Others just look tired and worn out, the fabric having lost its smoothing, sculpting powers after too many washes on the wrong setting (whoops). As I've learned in my short time as a professional shopper, you (unsurprisingly) get what you pay for. If you're looking for a supremely comfortable pant that's built to be kept out of landfills and will make you feel like a million bucks? Then that, IMO, is worth every penny.

Get your own Époque Évolution Jet Set Trousers here, and do it fast—they consistently sell out (and for good reason.)

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