The One Thing Erin Andrews Always Does to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Photo: Instagram/@erinandrews
One of the long-running jokes of flying is the leg room—or, lack thereof. I don't know about you, but every time I step onto a plane I shake my head in disbelief at the tiny space you're supposed to sit in for hours without moving.

That's why any hacks that help with the practically guaranteed fact that your legs will be sore are welcome. Erin Andrews knows this, since her job as a sportscaster has her constantly flying across the country to cover your fave sporting events (like the Super Bowl—NBD).


"I always wear compression pants on the plane—that's a really big deal for me."

Her secret to battling that uber-limited amount of space minus the cramps? Compression pants.

"I always wear compression pants on the plane—that's a really big deal for me," says Andrews, who's now repping White Claw spiked seltzer. "It helps my knees not ache and my feet not swell. I've had spider veins before and it helps with that as well."

As an avid Orangetheory devotee, the television host definitely needs something that'll ensure she can keep kicking ass at boot camp (and chasing down football players on the field for interviews).

Her other secrets for in-flight wellness? "I typically try to eat a meal before I get on a plane," adds Andrews. "I also don't wear any makeup because I need to give my skin a break, and I'll keep a moisturizer on hand."

Oh, and she's a pro at sleeping in her seat, despite the small area you're allotted to get "comfy." The trick is to avoid that entertainment screen. "If you're going to sleep on the plane, turn off the TV—or else you're going to end up watching five hours of Below Deck." Truth. So, yes—still rock your athleisure while traveling, but maybe opt for the compression version of your fave yoga pants next time.

There are 7 rules every healthy traveler should follow—and then, there are the a few crazy things celebs do to stay healthy on the road.  

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