This Essential Oil Blend Might Be the Secret to Celebrating Your Steamiest V-Day Yet

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Essential oils are pretty much the golden girls of holistic healthcare. They're energy-boosting, mood-setting drops that give you the assist everywhere from the gym to your pillow every night. So it stands to reason that your essential oils stash also has the potential to do mind-blowing things elsewhere in the bedroom.

Or so goes the thinking from Tirzah Shirai, the founder and CEO of the essential oil line Twig+Petal, who was inspired by tantric teachings and created a five-piece "Tantra Kit" ($89), complete with a massage oil, bath salts, a candle, a room spray, and a distilled bottle of EOs. "Tantra is actually a path of self-discovery through your body and through your senses," she explains. "It really lends itself to living in the moment, and in the now."

"Tantra is actually a path of self-discovery through your body and through your senses. It really lends itself to living in the moment, and in the now."

When you combine this ultra-present mindset with your sense of smell, the result is a next level sexual connection with your significant other. The sense of smell is unique in that it can affect our moods, explains Shirai. Meaning that essential oils could even act as a chemical aphrodisiac that bring your most powerful sensory abilities into the present moment.

"I just think it’s really valuable to put that spark back in the bedroom by stimulating our sexual hormones: estrogen, testosterone. Those can really help boost the sex drive," Shirai explains. Yep—essential oils are bringing sexy back.

Keep scrolling for one steamy way to enjoy essential oils with your bae.

Essential oil blend for Valentine's Day
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Get your oils at-the-ready

The scent that runs throughout Twig+Petal's Tantra kit ($89) is a *heavenly* blend of diverse mood-setting essential oils, but the three main ingredients in this Valentine's day dream-come-true are orange, ylang-ylang, and patchouli essential oils, which according to Shirai are meant to be arousing. "They actually can increase sexual appetite when they link you in the moment," she says. Once you've obtained your tantric essential oils or mixed your own blend, you're ready for the main event.

A three-step mood-setting ritual

1. Share three reason you're grateful for each other

"Create a ritual where you just sit there and express three things you’re grateful for in your partner," advises Shirai. She adds that the best part of this practice is that, in the future, you can remember this moment as a time when the two of you were really connecting on a physical and emotional level.

2. Give each other oil massages

Next: Bring on the essential oils. Slowly oil your partner up from head to toe for a foreplay massage that engages your senses. If the idea of covering your partner's body seems a bit tedious, Shirai recommends going for a scalp, hand, or foot massage. Take note: Pure essential oils should always be diluted in a carrier oil or water, and never applied directly to skin.

3. Draw a bath

Post-massage, the massage oil should be thoroughly soaked into your skin. So naturally, a hot bath is in order. As you settle in for a soak with your SO, the essential oils will diffuse into the water, making for a very sensory experience. " If you're looking for a little extra olfactory pleasure, you can pour in some bath salts, or add extra oil to the water. Towel each other off. And well, you know what comes next.

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