BPOTD: Mercury in Retrograde Is Actually a *Good* Thing for Your Manicure

Graphic: Well+Good Creative
Today's the day: Mercury is now in retrograde until August 18. (Yes, you can now blame it for everything in your orbit that just feels off.) I, for one, have already tripped while standing up—wish I were kidding. Even though the astrological happening doesn't always necessarily spell doom, you can still scapegoat it for certain mishaps—like spilling coffee, missing meetings, and even bigger things like fights with your S.O.

Regardless, I'm here to tell you that at least one positive thing is coming out of Mercury's celestial position: Your manicure's about to look really fabulous. That's because Essie just launched its Mercury in Retrograde collection, which features two of the most gorgeous purple nail polish colors I've ever seen. One is called Keep Calm and the other is dubbed Mercury On (so cute), and together, they make this time less challenging and more, well, pretty.

Essie just launched its Mercury in Retrograde collection, which features two gorgeous purple nail polish colors: Keep Calm and Mercury On.

Keep Calm—which encourages you to om your way through this window—is an opalescent periwinkle shade with hues of light purple, while Mercury On is a royal violet with celestial sparkles. Both are infused with star-like pearl particles to essentially shine off all your woes.

And in the midst of facing any issue—be it stubbing your toe or getting caught in downpour with no umbrella—glancing at your nails is a great way to boost happiness. Because nothing brings joy like having your nails on fleek and fighting retrograde in style.

Here are seven ways to rock Ariana Grande's fave nail polish color, which isn't unlike Essie's new shades. And here's how to give yourself an at-home manicure like a pro, according to Gwen Stefani's manicurist.

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