Esther Perel’s Approach to Fitness Is As Genius (and Original) As Her Relationship Advice

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Rockstar psychotherapist Esther Perel is everywhere. Between her popular podcast, Where Should We Begin?, a soon-to-be-released book, and running her private therapy practice in New York City, it's hard to imagine the busy relationship expert—known for her outspoken views on sex and this TED Talk on infidelity—actually finding the time to work out.

Her secret behind doing it all? Multitasking.

Since carving out time for her squad and getting her sweat on can be tough, Perel's smart hack is to combine the two. In an interview with The Cut, she revealed that her morning typically starts with some sort of workout with her besties.

"The motivation comes from not making someone wait for me."

Whether she's running, swimming, dancing (salsa and African are her varieties of choice), or doing a weekly yoga class, Perel said she generally exercises with her girlfriends. "The motivation comes from not making someone wait for me."

Perel might be dishing out brilliant relationship insight on the daily, but getting your entire girl gang together every morning for a pre-work fitness class might just be one of her best pieces of advice yet. Still, since there's more than one right way to do almost anything, check out how these super-successful people kick-start their mornings.

This type of exercise adds the most years to your life. And if you're in need of some new workout ideas, you can do these anywhere.

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