Etsy’s Top Holiday Decor Trends of 2018 Are Here

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Not sure how to deck your halls for the holidays? This'll cheer you up: Etsy has some serious inspiration in the form of its top holiday decor trends of 2018. Its picks are based on looking at what thousands of its sellers are creating, what's trending in the wider market, and what shoppers are searching for right now. The results? “This holiday season is all about self-expression," says Etsy trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson. "People want to show off their personalities and unique taste by moving away from  traditional holiday designs and toward fun embellishments with a serious wow-factor."

By Etsy's account, there are six major themes when it comes to making your home merry and bright this year. And it's possible to incorporate each into whatever space you're working with (be it a window sill or full house). "It doesn’t matter if the size of your home is big or small or your budget is low or high; the way your home makes you feel is the most important," says Moll Anderson, New York Times bestselling author and home design expert. Below, she and Johnson share their best advice for how to translate each of Etsy's holiday trends into your own home.

Neon and bright

“Last year, shoppers dipped their toes into unexpected holiday decor with colorful pastel accents, and this year, the trend has evolved into an even bolder style with vibrant neons and ultra-bright tones taking center stage," Johnson says. Think pink disco ball ornaments and lime green menorahs.

To add vibrant hues to your home decor, Anderson loves the idea of swapping out your regular draperies, pillows, and vases with bright colors. "Find ornaments that match the new accessories and incorporate them into your tree," she says. Your glassware is another easy swap. "There is a lot of unique and colored glassware available that you can include on an elegant or traditional tray and display it on your bar or bar cart," she adds.

"From taco ornaments to donut dreidels, this cheeky take on traditional decor celebrates the best part of holiday gatherings and makes for a great conversation starter." —Etsy trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson

Food as decor

We're not talking candy canes and macaroni strings, here. The 2018 iteration of food-inspired holiday decor features items like avocado ornaments. (How are these not already in our lives?) "From taco ornaments to donut dreidels, this cheeky take on traditional decor celebrates the best part of holiday gatherings and makes for a great conversation starter," Johnson says.

If you don't want to go the ornament route, but still want to really lean into this food trend, Anderson likes the idea of making personalized swag bags out of take-out food boxes. ("They come in a variety of sizes and are easy to personalize," she says.) Adding foodie touches, like chocolate or caramelized nuts, to your place settings is another option she suggests.


Etsy is known for its array of shops that make custom items, so it's not shocking in the slightest that people flock to the site for custom decorations. (Searches for "customizable party decor" have increased by 19 percent just this year.)

Your table setting is an easy way to incorporate this trend into your decor, according to Anderson. "You don’t have to go out and buy much to pull a fun setting together. Take a look around your home and try to see your belongings in a new light. Get imaginative and innovative when it comes to cardholders. Do you have a favorite ornament or novelty object? If so, add it to your table setting," she says. Another way to get personal is to add a note to each place setting.

And if you have family staying with you over the holidays, Anderson says you can add a personal touch with smells and create a scent memory that'll linger long after you take down your decorations. Her pro tip: "Light a rosemary candle in the room before they arrive." Pine is another festive fragrance.

Etsy holiday trends 2018
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Boho holidays

Forget tinsel—if searches on Etsy are any indication (and they are), the trend this year is decidedly more free-spirited. Searches for "boho holiday" are up 67 percent this year. To get in on this trend, Anderson says to try incorporating tassels, textures, and earthy colors to your gift-wrapping and handmade tags. "These don’t have to be gifts you send," she adds. "They can also be displayed throughout your home, under the tree or on your front porch as decor."

Farmhouse, but make it festive

This trend is at once cozy and rustic. Two ways to incorporate it into your decor are flowers and faux fur. Opt for floral arrangements filled with whites and greenery, and choose neutral vases to display them in like ceramic pitchers, crockery, or canning jars. "Shades of white and cream and mixes of beige, taupe, and grey all have a timeless quality that will work with any design style," Anderson says.

Similarly, "faux fur has a soft texture and lush vibe that looks great and provides warmth to a space that is perfect for the holidays," she adds. "Snuggle up with a glass of wine or eggnog and you’re all set!"

Peace and love

There are 695,000 searches and counting for "peace" on Etsy—which makes sense, given that peace, love, and kindness are all very common themes during the holidays. People are buying prints, cheese boards, and ornaments printed with these messages. Etsy also notes that doves are rising in popularity, with over 326,000 related searches.

For a subtle take on the trend, Anderson recommends incorporating candles into every room in your home. "If you want a more peaceful smell, go for lavender, peppermint, or lemon," she says. Doing so will ensure your home is both merry and bright.

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