Mountain-Inspired Jewelry Is the Trendiest Way to Embrace the Outdoors—No Matter Where You Are

Photo: Etsy/RuthRyanJewelry

Sure, embracing the outdoors and going on your own version of Mandy Moore's impressive Mount Kilimanjaro climb sounds amazing. But due to a number of factors—finances, work responsibilities, family obligations, etc.—it's not always possible to book a trip to the nearest peak. So, many stylish and adventurous folks are fulfilling their outdoor-related wanderlust by stocking up on jewelry designed to resemble natural peaks and valleys—and Etsy reports the look is the latest trend for chic accessories.

According to the digital marketplace, there are more than 26,000 results for mountain-inspired jewelry on the platform. "Incorporating natural elements within fashion and accessories has been a huge trend on Etsy for the last few years," Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy's trend expert, told me. "Mountain-themed accessories give a sense of connection to nature and can also offer a sense of inspiration to remind people that any obstacle can be climbed."

Maybe you won't be hiking up a mountainside anytime soon, but your jewelry can still inspire you to overcome whatever obstacles are in your way. And if you do have upcoming plans to show an IRL mountain who's boss, these pretty pieces will serve as great mementos of that achievement.

Sift through the 10 geometric, mountain-mimicking jewelry items below.

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