Everlane’s Super Sleek and Sustainable Sneakers Are up to 50% Off

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A cute and comfortable pair of walking sneakers is an essential part of any wardrobe. When shopping for a quality pair, you can expect to shell out a decent chunk of change. But Everlane's highly anticipated "choose what you pay" sale starts Wednesday, and The Trainer is definitely included.

The Trainer, originally $98, is available in a few different styles, but only the off-white ($69, $79, $89), black ($59, $69, $79), blush ($59, $69, $79), and grey ($49, final sale) are getting a price cut.

Everlane The Trainer

Everlane The Trainer

With no stripes, labels, or logos, Everlane's sneakers are perfect for any look. The minimalist design keeps them from competing with your outfit. Though you wouldn't want to wear them on a jog, the sneakers are totally comfortable for walking around. But that's only if you size up—Everlane recommends sizing up half a size, or up a full size if you're a 5 or 6. (Keep in mind that the shoe will also loosen with wear.)

Everlane's "choose what you pay sale" allows you to get items for less while choosing how much you're willing to contribute. Each item has three discount options: the largest discount covers the basic cost to develop, product, and fulfill the product. The other two options also provide money for the office overhead, while the smallest discount also provides money for future product development.

The Trainer is part of Everlane's Tread collection of sustainably made sneakers. Made to last from full-grain leather, the tanner is certified Gold by the Leather Working Group, which maintains environmental protocols. Each sole is 94.2 percent free of virgin plastic, and the laces and linings are made of recycled plastic bottles.

Everlane partnered with two third-party firms to measure the carbon footprint of its sneakers. Its goal is to produce a zero-emission sneaker, but in the meantime the company is offsetting the emissions it wasn't able to curb in production. “Many shoe brands don’t include the impact of raising cattle in their footprint and it’s considered a best practice to do so,” says Alison Melville, GM of footwear and accessories at Everlane. The brand partnered with NativeEnergy, a carbon offset provider, to help ranchers improve cattle-grazing practices on American grasslands.

“In a world where we are becoming more conscious of our plastic consumption, we haven’t really seen that catch on in sneaker culture yet,” says Melville. “With Tread by Everlane, we are providing customers a sneaker that isn’t full of virgin plastic and that is versatile so it can stand the test of time.”

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