An Exclusive Sneak Peek at the Snoop Dogg-Backed Web Series “Queens of the Stoned Age”

Photo: Jennifer Rovero/@camraface
Even if your opinion of cannabis as a strictly no-no substance has done a 180 in the last couple of years, you may have noticed that most of the conversation surrounding the stuff has been less than elevated (ahem, present company excluded). The markers of weed culture are still bromedies like Dude, Where's My Car and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

That may all change with the premiere of Queens of the Stoned Age, a web series about weed and the women who love it.

In this exclusive sneak peek, the show's stars—a diverse group of women that includes musicians, activists, even an adult film star—discuss why they use and like cannabis: for combatting medical issues like Celiac disease, because of its emotional balancing properties, or just because we can all get a little bit... moody during that time of the month. Basically think of it as the TV version of your women's circles, just higher.

Catch the first episode of Queens of the Stoned Age September 12 on Merry Jane's YouTube channel.

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