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Exclusive: Wellness Brand Saje Is Introducing a Health-Focused Podcast

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As a company that was founded by a (very cute) married couple that turned to essential oils to heal chronic back pain and then share the rejuvenating powers of plants with the world, Saje is quickly spreading its Canadian roots throughout the rest of the continent. (Like, quite rapidly—the wellness shop has opened 19 stores in the United States over the past year alone.)

Now, they're delving even more into the world of health—by introducing a wellness-focused podcast. Called "Well Now," it's all about helping guide listeners on their own paths of wellbeing through open dialogues on what it means to live well.

The podcast (which officially launches tomorrow) will feature guests from varying fields, like healers (of all sorts), doctors, and other experts—along with people afflicted with certain conditions—in the hopes of empowering people with knowledge of treatments.

“By listening to their stories, we want you to think beyond your current understanding—to look beyond what you know, right now," says a spokesperson at Saje Natural Wellness.  "[We want you] to look at the body, mind, and the spirit as an interconnected system: a system that thrives in synergy.”

"[We want you] to look at the body, mind, and the spirit as an interconnected system: a system that thrives in synergy."

Season one is gearing up to share stories about anxiety, cancer, gut health, and inflammation (and many relevant others). First up? An episode called "I Feel it in My Bones," which takes a look at chronic pain and inflammation and is hosted by Meghann Shantz. She and stem cell therapy expert John Pitts, M.D. take a deep dive into the topic of inflammation, including an amazing bit on the association between flossing and heart disease. I'll let the two of them take it from here.

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