This 91-Year-Old’s Workout Routine Proves It’s Never Too Late to Get Moving

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At 91-years-young, Lloyd Black—a retired teacher in Semmes, Alabama—just became Member of the Month at his local Anytime Fitness. After gym manager Ashley Seaman congratulated Black in a Facebook post, his thrice-weekly exercise habit went viral—and frankly, have you ever been more inspired to make time in your schedule to sweat?

"I had reached the point where simple chores, like yard work, I could no longer do and therefore I started [going to the gym] and it has really helped," Black told Good Morning America. "I am also motivated by my daddy. He was a man who never gave up and so I hope I've inherited some of his traits."

It's fair to say that Black takes after his father: he's been spotted kicking it into high gear on the treadmill, taking on the leg press machine, and yet more upper body devices. And to make matters even more impressive, Black performs his entire routine in overalls and Sketchers. Because, really, who needs all that fancy-schmancy gear, anyway? "I don't feel very comfortable being in the limelight, but if it encourages someone else then I'm willing to do it," Black said. He's definitely encouraged those of all ages to get moving, but his message may prove especially important when it comes to exercise for older adults

According to Harvard Health, studies have shown that strength, stamina, and flexibility decrease in adults over the age of 55 as a direct result of aging. To combat the decline in these three key health indicators, the National Health Service (NHS) recommends adults aged 65 and older do something active every single day, work on their balance and flexibility at least twice weekly, and complete at least 150 minutes of vigorous exercise—like brisk walking or biking—a week.

"You have to decide for yourself, do you want to be a happy person or a grouch?" said Black. "And I've decided to be a happy person."

Get your exercise in right now:

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