How to *Finally* Learn Spanish—and Get Strong Abs at the Same Time

Photo: Stocksy/Studio Firma
If you're still mad at yourself for not paying closer attention in high school Spanish (or French, or Latin, for that matter), it's not too late to master a new language, and interestingly enough, you'll get a solid workout in the process.

Those who studied while riding a stationary bike performed better on vocabulary tests than their sedentary counterparts.

According to a new study, memorizing a whole new vocabulary before your next trip abroad will be a whole lot easier if you exercise while simultaneously reviewing the language.

In the study, researchers had one group of college-aged Chinese men and women learn English in memorization sessions, and the other learned while exercising. The students who studied while riding a stationary bike at a gentle pace performed better on their vocabulary tests, recognized proper sentences easier, and remembered and understood words longer than their sedentary counterparts.

So the next time you're bored at the gym, pull a Marisa Tomei and multitask: Bust out those flash cards with abandon.

Speaking of workout productivity, did you know this type of exercise adds the most years to your life? And if you're doubting the power of fitness, think again: It's even more powerful than medication.

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